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    By Soham Senapati

    Trust is essential in every new and old relationship. The foundation of a true relationship is based on trust.

    Before you build trust, you need to know what it means to your partner and how deep are you going to go in order to bestow the positivity in your partner's life with trust.

    The problems that often arise in new relationships is about the fear of what the other partner will feel. The trust needs to be built since Day 1 of the relationship.

    factors that build trust

    Trusting and getting trusted is not difficult; but it sure revolves around some factors that you need to keep in mind when getting into a new relationship.

    Don't think of trust to exist solely without working for it.

    So, let's find out the factors that build trust in a relationship, below.

    Communicate Openly Without Any Limitation:-

    Communication helps in understanding the other person. Never fail to communicate, in person, about the important matters to your partner. Make sure that communication is being fruitful and with the evolved result of trusting each other.
    Share your problems or disccuss them with your partner. Let your partner know you inside out.

    factors that build trust

    Forgiving Attitude:-

    No one really tells you this but you need to know that this is a big factor that helps in building trust between couples. Mistakes happen in general; but making an issue of that mistake is not the real way to deal with it. Forgive the person for the mistake and discuss about the same.

    Support Your Partner:-

    Stand with your partner through thick and thin. Let them know that you are in full support of everything he/she does. This builds a bond that doesn't easily break. Trust builds up when partners give support to each other.

    factors that build trust

    Spill The Secret:-

    Holding on to secrets is not a way in relationship. You should never let your partner have a doubt on your integrity. Share your secrets in person and treasure the trust that builds up on this. This is one important aspect of relationship you need to adhere and stick to.

    Never Break Promises:-

    We say promises are made to be broken. Well, don't dare to follow this in a relationship if you really want things to workout between the both of you. Make promises that you can keep and don't break them.
    Don't sell your partner false promises. It doesn't help at all. Keeping your promises about little things should be important as keeping your promises about the big things. These things may seem small, but they go a long way towards building trust.

    factors that build trust

    Be Real With Your Partner:-

    Be real with your partner and that means sharing things that you often keep hidden. The ultimate sign of trust is living your truth and by doing so your partner will be more comfortable living theirs. This will eventually help your the trust count rise up.

    factors that build trust

    Be Reliable:-

    Trust can dissolve in no time at all if one or both parties in a relationship fail to follow through with their promises or don't do what they said they would. Reliability goes hand in hand with remaining honest and communicating openly. A large part of being trustworthy is ensuring that your actions match your promises.

    Every partner seeks to rely on the other person in a relationship. So, provide your partner that comfort and see how well the trust escalates.

    Action And Words:-

    Your words and action need to match in order to have the relationship work. Building trust is important and is mandatory. Help yourself by relating your action to the words that you speak. Your partner needs to see that your words and action don't stray from each other.

    Be Open To Criticism:-

    Don't set back when it comes to receiving feed back from your partner. Trust builds up in this conversation. Hear them out thoroughly. Act upon your partner's words. These small yet meaninful factors create a huge impact and let you and partner grow in the relationship, building trust.

    So, trust is undeniably an essential part of any lasting relationship. Remember to continue building trust, brick by brick, for a never-falling foundation. Then you'll know of certain your relationship will withstand the strongest of the disasters that would arrive.

    Also, drop in your feedback about this article in the comment section. Don't forget to share to help make relationships all around the world be better every day.

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    Story first published: Friday, March 23, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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