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    Everything That You Will Ever Love Or Like Will Be Taken Away From You

    By Tanya Ruia

    Do you feel attached to things or people too soon? Congratulations honey! Welcome to the pit.

    Attachments. It's not always the love that binds you and attaches you to someone or something but it is the spark that you feel. The spark that comforts you, the spark that gives you the laughter which might be the reason for somebody's smile, the spark that makes you feel attached.

    everything that you will ever love

    For the autumns will come and autumns will go, but what will always remain in your heart is the memories you relive while seeing that raindrop falling down your window pane and sipping your hot coffee.

    Seasons change and so do the people and the objects' freshness. How long does a bread or the smell of the lilies remain fresh? Only till it satisfies the hungry and the admirer.

    They say priorities change. They might change, but don't you remember talking to her late nights? Don't you remember reacting love on her pictures? Don't you remember walking long distances with her? Don't you remember clicking selfies with weird expressions with her? Priorities might have changed, but have the memories too?

    People are not temporary...they will remain in our memories forever till we are alive, their role in our lives is temporary. They stay not because they love you or they are attached...they stay because that is what is written in the destiny. People will leave once they have played their roles.

    I have stopped feeling you. I have stopped feeling that fragrance, I have stopped feeling that touch, I have stopped feeling that breathe, and I have stopped craving for that love.

    For I do not know when will I ever feel that spark again, For I do not know when will I crave that hug again, For I do not know when will I have my hands over that gear again overlapping anybody else's, For I do not know when will somebody ever wipe the cream off my chin with a tissue,
    For I do not know when will somebody ask me did I reach home safely, For I do not know when will I ever be somebody's priority.

    Some of us will never have 2-3 missed calls waiting for us to call them back, Some of us will never have surprise gifts waiting for us on our birthdays, Some of us will never have dinner dates waiting for us, Some of us will never meet someone who will put our selfies captioned 'forever bae', Some of us will never have someone waiting for us at the airports with a bouquet of red roses, And many more things won't be there but that's completely okay...

    Some people come into your life and they leave too, but they leave the scars too and you know that you won't be able to replace them. They touch your lives without even touching you. They measure the depth of your suffer intake and hurt you deeper than that.

    We have to accept what is gone, rather than showering a pot of tears.
    Because everything that you have ever loved has already been taken away from you and their priorities have already changed.

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