8 "I Won't Ever" In A Relationship

By Soham Senapati

Falling in love is one of the most amazing feelings in the entire world. A good and healthy relationship is a dream of every couple and there are certain righteous things one must do in order to maintain the realtionship.

"I won't ever" is a list of things that every couple needs to adhere to for a healthy relationship. There is no shortcut to any relationship. Each relationship goes through a process and these processes are the way to have a relationship, you won't ever regret.


If you are reading this article I want you to remember these are the key points for having a successful relationship and the way you do it is entirely upto you.

"I won't ever walk the path
where my moon stops following
for it is our wild that grew together
as we fell in love with each other
" - A Mixed Nerve

I Won't Ever

#1. Give Up On You:-

A true relationship is about never giving up on each other and holding on to the bridge that connects the two, love.
A person who truly loves would never settle for giving up on his/her partner. It always is about sticking together through the happy and sad times and not letting external factors affect at all the virtue of the relationship.


#2. Lose My Personal Self:-

Never lose yourself just because you found someone. Your partner saw your inner sense of personality, for which he/she went into a relationship with you. Love your partner truly but love yourself at the same time too.
Losing your own integrity is a loss for the relationship. Every relationship is two sides of a coin and one should never fail to keep his/her side of the coin.

#3. Compare:-

Never ever should you ever compare your relationship with any other for it loses it's virtue of being unique and pure. Never compare your partner with anyone or with the past partners you were with. This is not a healthy way of having a relationship and it doesn't last for a long time.


#4. Put Someone Else As Priority:-

When you walk into someone's life, you become their priority and the same goes for you. Putting someone else as more priority than your partner leads to unaccountable arguments and fights. This creates a wall in the relationship leading to the death of it.

#5. Snoop:-

This bad habit of snooping when your partner ain't around is a must NO in a relationship. While snooping, you might get caught or you might find out something that would irk you, unless and until you don't talk about it. And then the reality is out leading to a lot of problems in a relationship. You might come up on something that you might misinterpret, which would cause a lot of trouble for you and your partner. So, never snoop.


#6. Ask You To Change:-

You need to accept your partner the way he/she is and never ask him/her to change. People normally get into a relationship and start finding flaws in their partners. Rather than accepting the fact, "no one is perfect", they tend to change their partners. This is wrong and not all take it well. This results in the termination of the relationship.

#7. Hold A Grudge:-

At times, it is evident that people tend to do tit-for-tat for some past issues. This is banned in a relationship. Keeping a grudge lets you have insensitive feelings for your partner. The love dies within and hatred erupts. Settling scores in sports event is good but not in a relationship. Try to forgive and forget, for it is the best policy in a relationship.

#8. Cheat:-

There is nothing to explain in this context, as cheating is unethical and wrong. Getting into a relationship was a decision by both the partners, but cheating is a decision by one, leaving the better half devastated. This is a must NO if you do not want to end your relationship with your partner.

These 8 "I won't ever" rules must be followed in order to have a smiling relationship than a grumpy one.

Do you follow these "I won't ever" or not? If not, I suggest you to start following them and if yes, then drop in the comment section, any further addition you would want to add on to the list. Your insights are appreciated.

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    Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2018, 11:00 [IST]
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