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    Are You The One Creating Problems In Your Relationship?

    By Soham Senapati   

    Relationships are very confusing and delicate, risky, uncertain, etc., if you are not giving a proper thinking into it. People either get through these problems or get crushed in them. It totally depends on your own involvement in it. There is no perfect relationship that exists in the world. But there definitely is a happy relationship. If you want a happy relationship, then you need to think through yourself, whether you are the reason behind the troubles in your relationship.

    Every relationship has problems and disturbances. Overcoming thsi is the one-way road to happy relationships.

    Problems in relationship

    Let's find out if you are the one who's creating the problems in your relationship. Remember you can easily reduce the problems after reading the article. While reading this article, process in your mind if you are doing any of the mentioned reasons.

    1. Do You Feel As The One Giving Everything For The Relationship To Work?

    It is always a 50-50 partnership in a relationship and if you feel you are giving everything to make it work, then you need to change that thinking. It never helps in the relationship and creates the Berlin wall between you and your partner.

    You need to think straight by letting this feeling go. Just assuming such facts lets you destroy the foundation of your relationship.

    Problems in relationship

    2. Do You Feel Unsatisfied In Your Relationship And Complain?

    You shouldn't be feeling this if everything is going rock solid in your relationship. Even if it is not so, perhaps you are complaining way too many times to feel this way. Start a serious relationship discussion with your partner. Let them know what you feel and that would come up with a solution rather than undermining your relationship.

    3. Are You Happy With Gifts/Surprise?

    If you are not being happy with the gifts your partner is giving or the surprise he/she is planning, perhaps you are not taking the relationship seriously. Gifts and surprises are a form of affection and if you can't appreciate that, then there is no basic reason to kill the joy of your partner. It is better to rtather end the relationship.

    Problems in relationship

    4. Are You Spreading Negativity In The Relationship As Nutella On A Slice Of Bread?

    If your negativity affects the relationship, there is a problem here. Stop, think and work on your negativity. This not only affects you but your partner and makes him/her sad. Bringing positivity is good and healthy but vice versa is killing the passion of being together in a relationship.

    5. Are You The One Causing Basic Problems In The Relationship?

    Think, before you react to the question. Do make your partner feel bad or ask him/her certain questions that shouldn't be asked. Think if you have ever let your partner down without even doing anything?
    If you are the one causing the basic problems, you need to think a way to not let this happen and try to make your relationship work for better.

    6. Do You Demand Attention A Lot More Than Normal?

    If you think you want your partner's attention 10 hours a day, I am sorry to burst the bubble of your dreams, it doesn't happen that way in a relationship. Rather it kills the interest of your partner in you. Lessen your attention seeking attitude. It is of no use if your relationship is falling apart. Try to work on sharing attention, by mutually giving each other the same amount of attention.

    7. Are You Dependent On Your Partner/Relationship?

    Being dependent is not love, it is forcing yourself on your partner. Exercise the way to be independent. I'm certain of the fact, your partner will be more happy seeing you that way.

    Did you assess yourself if you have done anything in this? If yes, then try to control that factor and work towards the betterment of your relationship. This way, you can be happy and keep your partner happy too.

    Problems in relationship

    Feel free to drop in your feedback in the comment section.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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