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All About Polyamorous Relationship You Need To Know

By Soham Senapati 

Polyamorous relationship has become a new-age relationship and is widely practiced today. Yet, people have no idea about it. There are various misconceptions that are being catered to our ears that we do not know what exactly happens in a polyamorous relationship.

Polyamorous relationship is the practice of having more than one relationship with more than one partner, with all the partners having the knowledge of the same. It is as consensual as a monogamous relationship. It is ethical and also known as responsible non-monogamous relationship.

We live in a world where it is considered according to culture that having one relationship exclusive is valid and rest all are not. Defying these norms of the culture, polyamorous relationship stands. In this relationship type, only one partner stays monogamous.

Let's go through all the points that would summarise this type of a relationship.

1. Polyamory Is Not Cheating:-

Cheating is all about keeping someone in the dark and polyamory is all about letting everyone know that you are a polyamorous person and you will have more than one partner. It is not cheating nor is swinging.

It is about deep connection with every person you are into and having sex, often. Every person that gets in the relationship with a polyamory person knows from the start about the same.

2. Polyamorous People Are Not Jealous:-

There is no findings of jealousy in this kind of a relationship. Polyamorous people show commitment of strong emotions and are extremely open about their relationship. Poly people exercise compersion. Compersion is a state of being happy seeing other happy.

3. Polyamorous People Are Not Complicated:-

The most important rule of polyamory people is to communicate. They exercise such methods of communication that lead to zero complications. There might be certain issues of complication, but before they take a huge leap, they are brought down and kept at bay.

4. Benefits Of Being Polyamorous:-

Experiencing and witnessing a long-lasting love with more than one person is one of the key benefits of a polyamorous person.

If you ever feel low, you have more than one person to pay heed to your problems and attend to your conversation. Polyamorous people experience variety of sex.

5. Risk Of Being A Poly Person?

Having more than one love life can be a source to increase stress. There will be disagreements, tension, arguments, which will be difficult. Trying to make everyone's needs to be at rest, giving support to all people involved with you is a major problem.

Sticking up to the time management is a big issue with poly people. One needs to stick to the rule. Straying away from your rules will lead to serious trouble of being communicative with all partners.

6. Becoming A Polyamorous Person:-

There are dedicated websites that help you to find poly friendly relationships. Other ways of being poly include involving yourself with someone already having an established polyamorous relationship. You can also try changing your monogamous relationship into poly, but it takes a lot of time and patience.

7. Poly People Love All The Partners Equally:-

Poly people do not differentiate any of their relationships and treat each the same way. Poly people don't involve in partiality between any of their relationships. They tend to keep all of them happy, in order to have a better experience.

8. Poly People Are Ready For Any Kind Of A Fantasy:-

Poly people don't just experience, they also become eager to know and involve themselves in more ways to get pleasure. They are ready for threesomes, bondage, orgy, etc., you name it and they are ready.

The good thing about poly is that if your partner isn't interested in doing any of the above, you can always go ahead and find another and, at the same time, enjoy loving both of them.

This is everything you ever needed to know how polyamorous relationship happens and the benefits and problems of the same.

If you have any queries, write to us in the comment section and we will get back to you.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 22, 2018, 13:30 [IST]
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