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    Why Couples Argue On A Holiday?


    This fact may surprise you. Relationship experts did a survey recently and found out that most of the arguments happen between couples during holiday trips!

    Well, holidays are meant to have fun. But some couples ruin their holidays by picking up arguments. But what could be the reason?

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    Well, here are some probable reasons why some holidays go wrong between couples.


    Reason #1

    They find lot of free time! Yes, some couples who don't find enough of free time to even talk to each other, tend to sort out their issues on a holiday. Free time could be dangerous sometimes as an idle man's brain is devil's workshop!


    Reason #2

    This may sound funny to you, but no it isn't! Packing is another reason why couples quarrel. How much to pack and what to carry for the trip is a very big debate! Questions like "Why are you packing 37 pairs of clothes for a 3 day trip?" and "Do you have to carry your comic books and video game console for this trip?" are dangerous!

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    Reason #3

    When you are on a holiday and if you catch your man staring at other women in the beach, it might spoil your mood, right? Or when other men around give you lots of attention at the beach, that might spoil the mood of your man!


    Reason #4

    Holidays cost a lot and sometimes, the frustration comes out during the holiday especially when one of the partners is paying for the trip. Shopping is another reason. When the man overspends on gifts for friends or when the woman spends too much on shopping, it could be one reason to argue.


    Reason #5

    When you spend too much of time together, it could also cause boredom and irritation. Actually, it is better to take breaks once in a while to spend some time alone. If both the partners encroach into each others' space, arguments arise.

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    Reason #6

    Sometimes, the stress could be due to canceled flights or trains. If you take a lot of time to get ready and that becomes the reason to miss the flight, he may start losing patience. Or if he wakes up late due to the previous night's drinks, you may lose patience.


    Reason #7

    When you are totally exhausted, if your partner tests your patience or starts nagging or complaining, you may start yelling too. That is how arguments tend to happen on holidays.

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    Reason #8

    Compatible couples tend to enjoy well during a holiday. But incompatible couples find it very tough to pass the whole day without arguing or blaming each other.

    Actually, that is when conflicts arise. When you are staying with an incompatible person under the same roof for a few continuous days, you tend to start picking arguments.

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