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    Signs When The Relationship Is Only About HER

    By Ajanta Sen

    We all know falling in love means to accept the person's flaws or the way they are. But many times we are so much blind in love that we fail to notice the traits which are harmful to any relationships.

    And one of the major issues among them is the dominating nature. Caring for someone you love is natural but controlling them is not a healthy habit. Girls get easily possessive as they do not want to share their loved ones with any other person and hence they sometimes try to control them that naturally makes them dominating.

    what are the signs of being dominating in a relationship

    So to know whether your partner or girlfriend is thinking only about herself you can check for these habits in them.

    Traits that your relationship is only about HER


    Time management

    If you are having a dominating girlfriend then she will be scheduling all your time and missing out anything instructed by her won't be an option for you. If she is panning small outing to other plans without asking for your opinion then she is not taking your priorities into considerations.


    Miss Always Right

    If your girlfriend is allergic to the words that she is wrong then she is the Miss Always Right. And if you are afraid of telling this whether out of love or to avoid fights then surely she is controlling you. She is only thinking about her pride and not about what you want. It may happen that sometimes you have taken decisions that went wrong but that does not mean that you will be always making blunders and she will be always right.


    Spending money

    Saving money together is a great leap in any relation. It is good to see that your girlfriend is helping to save your money instead of draining them. But nagging you every time with extraordinary lectures when you make an expense is quite annoying. So before your handle her all your money and cards make sure to keep some backup.


    Attention seeker

    Spending time together or giving her attention is good but it is quite difficult to stay with your girlfriend every time. Girlfriend wants their loved one to spend maximum time with them but if your girlfriend is creating issues if you are giving time to your friends or family then she is controlling you. It does not make sense if you apologize to her for an entire month or week for spending some time with other people.


    Career Choice

    Thinking of a future together is harmless. We all do that, right? But we can't push someone into a career or profession just because we want to secure our future with them. If she is planning for a long term without asking for your opinion or what you want to do in future then my friend you should be scared.


    Phone calls

    Informing your girlfriend about your whereabouts like a secret agent is very much annoying. Starting from going to the bathroom to any other place, a controlling girlfriend will want you to inform her everything every time. She needs to know about every move of yours and rejecting their calls can make you fall into great troubles.


    Showing off

    When you go to the party or any other places sticking together or doing some PDA is okay, but not too much which can make other people around you uncomfortable. It is not a decent act if you become clingy or show some inappropriate moves in public. Talk to your girlfriend to sort out these things for making her clear about your choices.


    Stay by her side

    After spending a lot of time or giving her enough attention she will still want you. She would dislike it if you go somewhere without her. If you go to a party she will want you to keep by her side always and it will make the entire situation awkward with your friends.

    A healthy relationship does not include all these traits so be careful if your girlfriend is having some of them as then you might have to rethink your entire relationship.

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    Story first published: Saturday, November 18, 2017, 21:45 [IST]
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