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Signs That You Think Too Much!

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Over thinking could ruin your life. Over thinking or analysing could cause analysis paralysis. This could ruin your human relationships as people may get fed up of convincing you and assuring you.

Even when everything is alright, your worries trouble you if you over think. Of course, you don't need to blame yourself for this quality. Everyone may overt think in certain tense situations in life.

Signs That You Think Too Much

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But if it happens always, then it is a cause of a concern both for you and your partner. Here are some signs that you think too much!


You Over Analyse His Or Her Texts

You read and re-read your partner's texts again and again to understand what he or she is trying to say though your partner has simply said, "Feeling sleepy, good night". You wonder whether your partner is bored.

You wonder whether your partner is sleeping with someone else and therefore said ‘good night' so fast. You also doubt whether your partner is planning for a break up. All this, just because of a good night text!


Even When Things Are Fine, You Still Worry About The Future Of The Relationship!

Even when everything is going great, you wonder whether your partner will betray you when he comes across someone more beautiful than you.

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Men generally worry that their partners might dump them after finding a handsome and an intelligent man.


You Analyse Songs

You suddenly grab your partner's ipod and try to listen to what kind of songs she is listening to. If they are breakup songs, you worry that she is trying to break up!

If she is listening to romantic songs, you worry whether she is dreaming about her college crush while listening to them! If she is listening to devotional songs, you wonder whether she has lost interest in marriage!


You Keep Checking Your Facebook Posts

Soon after posting a picture or a post, you expect your partner to click ‘like'. But she doesn't! So, you lose sleep! You wonder the whole night about why she ignored your post!


If He Doesn't Tag, You Think He Lost Interest!

You check your partner's posts. He or she tagged others in your circle but has not tagged you! You worry the whole night!

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You Waste Hours On Thinking What To Wear

Before every date, you tend to spend hours together what to wear so that he falls flat and stops looking at other women!


You Search For Hidden Meanings Everywhere!

Every word your partner utters undergoes a long process of scrutiny inside your mind. You keep wondering ‘Did he mean this or that?".


Dance Class

When she says that she has joined a dance class, your mind suddenly imagines your girlfriend dancing with 4 handsome hunks in the dance class, even though she has joined a ladies dance class! Relax. Breathe. Everything will be fine if you stop over thinking.

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