Signs She Still Likes Her Ex!

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What if your wife or girlfriend is still not able to let go of her ex? It could pain you a lot, right? But you might need to be a bit patient until things fall in place.

Also, give her some time to realise that she has a better man now. It takes time to know how better you are compared to here ex.

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But how to know whether she is totally out of her old relationship? Well, here are some signs which could mean that she still likes her ex.


She Is Aloof

Is she often distant? Is she emotionally unavailable though she is physically with you? Does she always prefer to look into the sky as if she's deeply thinking? Then these could also be signs that she's missing her ex. May be she didn't get over him.


She Talks Too Much About Him

At the drop of the hat, she keeps talking about how he treated her and pampered her. In all conversations with you, if she mentions his name, it may irritate you. But talk to her and solve it.

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She's In Touch

When you see his name and number in her contact list, you ask her to delete it. But she says she would like to stay in touch with him forever. That is one sign she's not completely out of her past.


She Gets Excited When She Sees Him

All of a sudden when she sees him in the supermarket, she feels very excited and starts a conversation with him.

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Though you aren't so comfortable with her move, she keeps giggling and talking with him. This could be one sign.


She Doesn't Let You Touch

Whenever you jump onto the bed in an excited mood to touch her, she pushes you away. She seems to engage in physical act only for the sake of it. That could be one sign she wants her ex more. Don't worry, give her time and space to come out of her past.


She Compares You

Does she compare you with him and keep on saying how he was much better than you in everything? Then that could test your patience. Voice out your problem. Don't keep it inside.

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She Gets Irritated

She often gets irritated or upset with you and tries to find fault with everything you do. Well, that could also mean that she's not yet ready to accept you fully may be because she has remnants of her ex in her memory.

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