Shy Girl Vs. Outgoing Girl

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Some men like shy women and some like outgoing women. So, we can never generalise that only shy women are better or outgoing women are better.

But still, we can analyse certain basic differences between both of those personalty types. In fact, that might help you understand what to expect from your choice of a woman.

At the end of the day, men love almost all types of women. But still, here are some pints to illustrate the differences between shy women and outgoing women.


Difference #1

It takes time to approach a shy woman. But when it comes to an outgoing woman, you don't need to approach her, she might come and talk to you, if she finds you good enough.


Difference #2

A shy woman might take time to open up. That could make you take more time to understand her. But an outgoing woman may express her likes and dislikes fast. So, you will be able to understand her fast.


Difference #3

A shy woman might look like a mystery to solve. Many men love mysteries. But for a man who is busy to solve mysteries, an outgoing woman who is clear in her expressions would seem better.


Difference #4

Shy women might need the support of someone but an outgoing woman is self-sufficient and independent.


Difference #5

Shy women may feel nervous or anxious when a man goes to them and tries to start a conversation. But an outgoing woman may feel confident.


Difference #6

Yes, men like to deal with a shy woman in the bedroom. It gives them a high when a woman is slow in bed. But with time, men gradually realise that women who take active part in bed are better. Outgoing women may be proactive enough.


Difference #7

It might take months to approach a shy woman and start a relationship with her. But when it comes to an outgoing woman, she may clearly say yes or no fast without wasting time.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 12:27 [IST]
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