Secrets That Men Don't Tell Women!

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If you talk about mystery, women are mysterious. Men are plain and simple. But even men do have some things which they want to hide but they generally fail to.

Men try to cover up certain areas of their lives or certain common qualities because they fear that women might perceive such qualities in a different light.

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Secrets That Men Don't Tell Women!

So, what are the secrets that men never tell women? Curious? Well, here are some secrets of men.


Did He Say "You Are The Most Beautiful Woman On This Planet"?

90% of the men tend to give the same compliment to multiple women! Yes, in a survey many men agreed that they use the same phrases as compliments like "You're beautiful" with many women that they come across in life.


They Sometimes Love Laziness!

Yes, men sometimes want to sit lazily doing nothing. Some men prefer to spend some time alone peacefully whereas some men prefer to spend a whole day in bed eating and drinking there only.

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And generally, if you call him during those lazy moods, he may even lie that he's busy! He just prefers to sleep alone for some time.


Men Cover Up All Their Rejections

In the past, your man must have approached so many women and got rejected by all of them. But he never talks about his rejections, he only tells how many women showed interest in him!


Men Miss The Details

Men sometimes miss the details. They have the ability to focus on big things but they miss the small things and mess things up. That is why he messes up with every task you assign him.


Men Find Relief Thinking About Nonsense!

When there are so many problems on the neck, men pretend to seriously think about them but they actually take a break from such worries by thinking about some nonsense. Some men escape by thinking about porn!


Men Scan Everything!

Men watch almost all women that pass by. Men secretly stare at almost all beautiful women.

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Men Too Have Fears!

Some men act brave but suffer from lot of inner fears. Some men have the habit of worrying about the future without any reason.

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Men Too Need Support!

Men crave for emotional support but something stops them from seeking help. They put up a composed face even when they're burning from inside!

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