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Can Ill-health Break Relationships? Is It Fair To Ditch Your Partner Due To His Or Her Illness?

By Jaishree Premkumar

All love stories do not have happy endings. A beautiful girl is diagnosed with terminal illness. Impulsively some tend to think that her lover need not be with her, because he is still young and can get any girl of his choice. But, he doesn't leave her and remains by her side till the very end. That's true love!

It could be very well said that this doesn't happen in real life. One needs to be practical and should move on, if his/her partner is down with the kind of illness, which is incurable. Agreed, it is a debatable issue, and it should be the sole decision of the partner, whether to be with his/her partner.

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But when it is seen that even in case of illness, which is grave but is treatable, a lover leaves his/her partner, it becomes a pathetic situation for the sick partner. Is it so easy to break away from the relationship founded on genuine love and affection? Certainly not, if one takes into account the reasons mentioned below:

Can Ill-health Break Relationships?

It Could Happen To Anyone

Okay, agreed that once detected with ill-health, a relationship suffers a setback. Romance takes a backseat and the lover is saddled with responsibility of looking after his/her sick partner. Depression is a natural phase during this crucial period.

Should you escape from the situation? Should you think that 'Hey, this is not what I want. I am still so young and handsome/beautiful. I do not want my youth to let go, looking after a sick lover.'

Can Ill-health Break Relationships?4

But, wait. Please try to pause for a while and think about the reverse situation. It could be you, in your partner's place, resting in bed with sickness and your partner might be going through the same feelings. How would you feel if he ditches you? Surely there will be a feeling of betrayal.

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You will lose faith in true love and will feel dejected. So, if your love is true, why not use the power of your love to boost your partner's self-confidence. It is said that mere medication is not enough for a sick person to gain back his/her health. Medication coupled with genuine love and care can work wonders for a sick person to regain his/her health.

Can Ill-health Break Relationships?3

It's A Testing Time In Your Relationship

You were so happy and felt blessed with true love, when suddenly your partner's illness shatters your dream. You hate to accept the situation you are in and wish to go back to your happier time spent with your partner. Perfectly normal and natural reaction.

Indulge in nostalgia, if it helps you to remain positive. But, remember, this is the crucial and testing time in your relationship. Nothing lasts forever. If there was abundance of bliss in your life, you need to accept that you will have to go through miseries too.

Can Ill-health Break Relationships?5

Take it as a challenge, face it courageously and who knows? Your love can conquer the illness of your partner earlier than the prediction of the doctor!

Do Not Be Self-Centred

That's right. It's time to release that unseen compassion and empathy for your partner, who is going through the toughest phase in his/her life. It's easy to break the relationship, if you want to and your partner cannot question you too, because you simply do not want to be with a sick partner.

Can Ill-health Break Relationships?2

But, think about the guilty conscience you will always be carrying with you, when you ditch your partner only because he/she happened to find himself/herself in ill health. Is it guaranteed that the next person you fall in love with, will never be diagnosed with sickness?

Destiny is something nobody can fight with. Nobody asks for sickness, it just happens. So, instead of running away from the situation, why not face it boldly and bring happiness to your partner, who will always value and cherish your love and devotion towards him!

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