Why Not Getting Married Is Perfect?

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As you grow up, choosing the right career becomes a priority. Once we have achieved it, the next target that the world would see us doing is travelling around the world and exploring new places.

When done with this, our families start thinking of getting us married to a well-settled partner.
They leave no stone unturned in finding us a right partner.

Hence, the list of wishes people have for us is never ending. The expectations and choices that one would choose for themselves should also be respected.

In this article, we are here to share some of the reasons that make us think that it is totally okay if we do not marry at all.

One needs to understand that life is not all about getting married and settling down. One can have a perfect life even without all this. Gone are the times when couples depended on each other through happy and tough times.

Hence, read on to know more about the reasons why it is totally okay if you do not marry until you wish to!


It Is Nobody's Business

In every gathering, there would be people asking about when you're getting married. Of course how can they see you have a carefree attitude and do not wish to settle down anytime soon. Just smile around and say that it is your life and ultimately your decisions.


It's Completely Okay To Be Alone

There are people who love to be independent and like zoning out. This is completely okay and you do not have to settle down just to please the world around you.


Being In A Relationship Does Not Mean Getting Married!

There is no rule that when you are in a relationship you have to get married to that person. Sometimes, relationships work and sometimes they don't. This does not mean that you settle down once you are in a relationship.


Not A Guarantee That It Would Last

There are so many instances when you hear your married friends go through a turmoil and, in worst cases, even a divorce. These examples will only make you realise that your life is peaceful without the melodrama!


End Up Resenting It

When you are going through a hardship in any given field, you would blame on something that you never like and, in this case, it would be your marriage. You can never see happiness when you are being pressurised into this.


Other Ways To Show Commitment

You do not have to tie a knot to show the world that you have found a partner. Moving in with them or spending quality time with them are just different ways to make your partner feel that they are the ones for you, and yet marriage is not the only thing.


Serious Commitment Problem

A happy married life requires a serious commitment of time and energy. If you are bad in maintaining either of it, there is no point in you getting hitched anytime soon!

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