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Tips For Dating Your Friend's Ex

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Relationships are not required to last all the time. There are various reasons for the relationship to not workout. One cannot blame the other person if they are having a fall out.

Now, when you are interested in confessing your love to a person, you'd often be worried about the outcome.

And what if that someone happens to be your best friend's ex?? Ouch!! Sounds like an awful situation to be in, right?

However, there's no hard-and-fast rule that you can not date your friend's ex. It's your decision ultimately on whom you want to date.

Sometimes, even out of utter sympathy, you may get attracted to your friend's ex, as you know the entire scenario and know who's to be blamed.

So, are you waiting to finally ask your friend's ex out now that your friend is no way involved with that person?? Well, this is your chance to ask the person out.

And that's why we're here for, as we've listed certain tips on how to date your friend's ex.

Have a look at these useful, ultimate tips to date your friend's ex.


Talk To The Ex First

Initially, you might feel the attraction towards your friend's ex. Try talking to the ex first and be clear with what you want. Make sure you communicate about your feelings rather than building castles in the air.


Make A Decision

Your friend might have had a bad experience with the guy/girl, but that does not mean that bad is going to happen to you. So, make sure you decide on what is the right thing to do, so that no one gets hurt.


Open Up To Your Friend

Remember this point very clearly. Sneaking out and meeting your friend's ex is only going to create more misunderstandings between you and your friend. Instead, open up and confess about your feelings for the ex.


Don't Feel The Need To Explain

There are just two of you in the relationship. Your friend and the ex are a thing of the past and there is nothing that can be changed about it. Instead, stop feeling guilty and enjoy the moment. And you need not have to give explanations on why you like someone.


Don't Brag About It

The connection that you share with your friend's ex might not require a megaphone, so make sure you do not brag about your sudden new-found love. Keep things low. Eventually, the whole world will find out about it and it's not going to seem wrong anymore.


Do Not Compare Yourself With Your Friend

Do not expect that things will not work in your favour as it did not in your friend's life. Everybody is different and most importantly, you are different. So, comparing their past with your present can majorly ruin your relationship with your friend's ex. So, never compare!

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Story first published: Monday, June 27, 2016, 23:20 [IST]
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