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Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand

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Sometimes there are many things that can create problems or sometimes there is just nothing, yet differences creep up in the relationship.

In this article, we are here to share some of the things that women say but generally they are misunderstood by men.

Generally when women are hyper or a bit tensed there are chances that the words coming out of their mouth might just be the opposite of what exactly they want to say.

This article is all about how girls tend to indirectly attack their men when they have lost their cool. So they tend to attack them in a very nice way. So men beware of these words which women use to misguide you.

Find out about these interesting things that women mess up with. We sure you are going to agree with these words as you would have been in the same situation at some point of time. Read on to know more..


Go Ahead

Do not think that this is a permission that you got to do something. Instead it is a challenge that she is giving you to even try doing it. Smart boys do understand this!



Trust me my friend, she is just trying to be kind and saying a "No" to whatever plans you making. So watch out.


It’s Okay

After a heated argument if she says this, then you better apologise or make up for it. Otherwise there is a storm building up in her which can shake you up completely.


Are You Listening?

The moment you hear her say this then look out for a hideout or do pay complete attention to what she is trying to say. This avoids a lot of conflict when you actually hear your partner out.


It’s Upto You

This is an indirect version of asking you to select the right choice especially when you know that she knows what is right but yet she wants you to figure it out. So be smart dude.


5 Minutes! Right There

The day a woman would really get ready in 5 minutes is not possible at any given time. So do not get fooled by these words. Half an hour generally means a minimum hour. Relax back and sip a cup of coffee until she is done.


Thanks A Lot!

Well this is nothing but a sarcastic comment loading. It is the opposite of thanks. So boy never ever dare to say a welcome otherwise you would be a dead boy!

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