6 Things Not To Do After Quarrels

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An argument stirs us emotionally. Sometimes, we may feel disturbed and sometimes, we may even feel threatened. Our egos get hurt and self-esteem could go for a toss when arguments go ugly.

In relationships, arguments are common. Even the best relationships have arguments. But ideal couples know how to solve their conflicts in a healthy way whereas others may make things ugly for themselves.

Things Not To Do After Quarrels

Now, let us discuss what not to do after an argument.

Things Not To Do After Quarrels 1

Replaying The Episode In Your Mind
It is better to take the lessons and forget about the episode. But generally, we try to view the incident again and again in the mind. This will create more negative vibes and hurt us again and again.

Things Not To Do After Quarrels 2

Dissecting Everything
When we sit and brood over a negative argument, we tend to pick up all unnecessary details and wonder how to settle scores. That is when we tend to look at even small mistakes of the partner through a magnifying glass.

Things Not To Do After Quarrels 3

Getting Stressed Out
Negative thoughts create lots of stress. After an argument occurs, if you are feeling stressed for hours together then it means you are still thinking about it without moving on.

Things Not To Do After Quarrels 4

Telling Everybody
In order to vent out, we always prefer to discuss domestic quarrels with friends. Well, if your friends are not mature then it may not be a good step as they may take sides, encourage you to fight more and spoil the whole relationship without even realising what damage you may have to face.

Things Not To Do After Quarrels 5

Planning Revenge
When you carry the baggage of old fights, you tend to seek revenge due to the bitterness it creates in you. That is poisonous to a relationship.

Things Not To Do After Quarrels 6

Waiting For Another Fight
When you wish to seek revenge, you will naturally wait for another argument to take place so that you can attack your partner verbally. Well, these are some of the things not to do after an argument. Maybe there are other peaceful methods to solve your relationship issues.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 7:52 [IST]
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