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Importance Of Space In A Relationship

By Archana Mukerji

How 'space' is equally important as 'trust' in a healthy relationship? We think that a healthy relationship is being close to one another as a couple or to people around in a family. However, this is not the fact. Though you grow up as a couple, you still are two different individuals and each of them has his or her own personal interests.

What Is Inundation?

In the event of showing love for each other, we tend to sacrifice everything for our counterpart. We share every small thing with each other. What happens eventually? You lose your own identity and live only for the sake of someone you love, being scared that, if not, you might be abandoned.

Love makes us completely blind and we feel that our partner interferes in everything we do. They seem to cross the boundaries. Slowly, you start getting the feeling of being trapped in a relationship. You feel suffocated.

Psychologists term this feeling as 'inundation'. It is human nature to end up feeling imprisoned when being permanently glued to each other and having to rely on one another to fulfill the requirements of everyday life.

Ill-Effects Of Inundation In A Relationship:

Inundation in a relationship for too long has proven to have serious outcomes because it affects the love for your partner. It is this inundation that forces people to yearn for solitude. They really want to do something that their partner is not interested about.

Personal space in a relationship is always important, though the amount of space does always depend on the couple. Personal space is needed for individuals to be in touch with their own identity. This is definitely a prerequisite to making a healthy contribution to a relationship. A relationship, which seems to be perfect where a couple does everything together, is at a great risk of failing.

Need For Space In A Relationship:

It is not always your partner's fault if you do not communicate your needs properly before you feel that the walls around you seem to close in. Though as a couple, we desire to be with each other all the time, we must understand the fact that there are times when both of us must have the time to be alone. As a couple, it is very important to be attached as well as autonomous.

Importance Of Communication:

People often make the mistake of not speaking out frankly and hence, assume things that makes life miserable for them as individuals and as a couple. In a healthy relationship, you need to find out the right time to speak to your partner and express what you expect before things go out of your control.

Sit down and tell your partner that you need to have a positive heart-to-heart chat with him/her. Avoid blaming your counterpart and try to explain what 'space' actually means to you. It could be leisure time, quiet time, working space, emotional space or financial space.

We all need time to relax and engage in activities outside common interests. When inundation is gone, relationships can become much more interesting. The best part of personal space is that it reignites the magic in a relationship!

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