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Recovering From Abusive Relationships


Abusive relationships can destroy lives. They can cause anxiety and depression. They are capable of causing a lot of other ailments too. Especially, when your self esteem is damaged, you can no longer live a peaceful life. That is the reason why staying away from a abusive people is important. If your partner is criticising you all the time and making you feel inferior, it would be tough to even believe that you are worthy.

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In fact, some people suffer certain personality disorders and that is why they keep troubling others with their abuse. It is better to come out of such a relationship if it is robbing you of your peace. If you let things be then it is like giving permission to an abuser to do it more and more. Once you come out of such a relationship, there are certain steps to recover emotionally. Here are they.

Recovering From Abusive Relationships

Positive Affirmations

Start your day with positive affirmations. When you keep saying good things about yourself to yourself you will be able to start believing that you are worthy. Generally, after an abusive relationship, we tend to believe that we are no longer lovable. This happens especially after a break up. When someone deserts you, it is easy to think that you are no longer lovable. So start believing in the fact that you are lovable.

Love Yourself

In emotionally abusive relationships, you tend to lose your self image. If you don't respect yourself you can't command respect from others. So, the first step is to start loving yourself. Don't be harsh on yourself. Eat good food and start exercising. Enjoy your favourite activities and keep yourself happy.

Seek The Support Of Your Family

It is very important to be with your family or at least seek the support of your immediate family members after a break up. When your self esteem levels are low or your moods are depressive, your family members and well wishers can give you a boost by saying how valuable you are for them. This is a very important measure. Never distance yourself or stay alone in such a phase.

Learn The Lesson

Verbally abusive relationships tend to break your self esteem. Now that you have enough experience, remember the lessons that you have learned from that relationship. It is very important to gauge people before you choose someone to start a relationship with. It is safer to stay way from the abusive people.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 12, 2015, 10:00 [IST]