10 Signs You Are In A Relationship Worth Keeping

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Relationships are perhaps the most wonderful things in our lives. Especially, if you are in a relationship that enables you to grow and develop, there sure is nothing like it. Sometimes, however, uninvited obstacles and deadlocks crop up, taking a toll on the relationship.

While it can be said that such situations are a part of most relationships, it is important to weigh the positives and negatives pragmatically. In this article, we look at the signs of a happy relationship. These points relate to the signs you are in a relationship worth keeping.

Fights and quarrels are a give and take in any relationship. It is imperative to apply wisdom and know that minor quarrels and signs shouldn't influence major decisions in the relationship. Let us now look at these signs of a happy relationship.

10 Signs You Are In A Relationship Worth Keeping

These below-mentioned points are indubitable signs you are in a happy relationship that is symbolic of joy and understanding.

Here are 10 signs you are in a relationship worth keeping.

1. You Can Be Yourself

One of the first and foremost signs you are in a relationship worth keeping is that you can truly be your own self. In a relationship that is worth keeping, you are independent and do what makes you feel good. You have no boundaries to be limited to. You have the freedom to do whatever you seek in life. You are open to a lot of feelings. You are not grounded by your partner in any sense.

2. You Grow Tremendously

Little do we see this in today's world. If personal growth and development overtake lust (definitely not concluding that lust is irrelevant), do not make the mistake of letting go.

3. You Both Love Doing The Same Things

If you both love the same things, be it watching a movie, drinking, travelling or anything for that matter, you are definitely in a relationship worth keeping. It is always seen that partners who have similar interests tag along a lot better than the ones who are opposites. Your relationship is worth keeping for when you know that you can do things together that you and your partner like.

4. You Make Up Soon After A Fight

If there does not exist any ego and you make up soon after a fight, then let me tell you this relationship is worth every bit of your time. Fights are a necessary evil in a relationship but coming out of it and again loving the way you used to is the sign of a true relationship. So, if you and your partner fight generally but then make up after it, you should know that your relationship is worth keeping.

5. You've Left The Past Behind You

If the past does not cloud your mind and you are living in the moment, it cannot be a more positive sign in order to keep the relationship.

6. Mind Games And Trust

If mind games aren't in the picture, that certainly is a healthy sign. If your relationship is transparent and your partner isn't faking things by playing mind games, something you can understand upon close assessment, it is definitely a sign of a healthy relationship.

7. You Aren't Attracted To Anyone Else

If you think about other men or women and feel you cannot find that attraction towards anybody else, it definitely is one of the signs of a healthy relationship.

8. You Are Extremely Open With Each Other

If you and your partner cannot be without saying stuff and cannot hide anything from each other it is a relationship you will cherish for a long time to come.

9. You Just Cannot Get Those Butterflies Off Your Stomach

If you sense a weird yet lovely attraction, so much so that you just cannot get the butterflies out of your stomach, you are definitely in a lovely relationship.

10. You Respect Each Other's Space

If you are fine with allowing your partner some time and vice versa, you are in a lovely relationship after all.

These 10 reasons are the ones that you and your partner need to know and these are the reasons that tell you if the relationship is worth keeping or not. Find it out yourself and enjoy the nature of your relationship the way you have wanted.

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