How To Impress Parents?

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Every child wants to be the best child to his/her parents. And trust me, they put a lot of effort to do so. Especially when you have a sibling you strive to get the best compliments from your parents. If your parents are impressed then life can definitely be much simpler for you. You will get the permission to party often, hangout with friends, get more allowances and what not. So, here are a few ways to impress parents by being or at least pretending to be an ideal child.

Innocent Face- Be a good child or at least act like one by making an innocent face and gestures all the while you are at home. Give your parents a feeling that you are too immature and innocent for your age. This will make them proud parents as they will feel that no matter how bad the world is, it can never influence their kid. They will really be impressed and will start considering you to be the best child in the world.

Impress Parents

Simple Jobs- As a child you might not be able to be of much help to your parents, but try to the little things that you can. For example you can bring out your dad's shirt or tie before he gets dressed for the office. Or, you may also help your mom with serving food etc. In this way you will take a step ahead of making an impression to be the best child in the world.

Discipline- Every parent dreams to make their children the best in the world. And the first requirement in this case is discipline. Though at this stage, most of you love to break rules, try to do just the opposite at home. You want to break rules , break them outside the house. To give the impression on ideal child and impress your parents eat, sleep and study on time.

Curriculum- Try to fare well in studies if you have any intentions to impress your parents and reap benefits. Apart from academics, try to show your excellence in music, sports or any other sphere that you or your parents are interested. This will make them feel, " My child is the best". And then, your way to a life filled with freedom and fun is all clear.

Oiling And Flattering- Every person loves to be flattered, irrespective of their age and gender. Your parents are not an exception. Make use of this general human weakness and keep flattering them. "Mom you are the best cook", " Dad you are cool" etc are some patent compliments you can try.

Keep all these things in mind and try to be a good child. See how your parents are impressed with you and enjoy the benefits of being their favourite child.

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