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Is Your Friend Jealous Of You?

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Friends are forever. When you meet a group of like minded people, you tend to share a good rapport with them. But, there is only one who gets extremely close to you. In a group, you cannot be close to everyone. Even theorists have said that in a group, proximity is less so, getting along with everyone is not possible. There will only be one or two friends out of the group who would be very special to you. You usually call these close ones as your best friends.

These friends are a great support to you. When you are happy, you call them to celebrate, when you are sad, you share your grief with them. In short, your friend is updated with all the happenings of your life. But, there is only one complication. When you succeed much more than your friend, jealousy comes into the picture from somewhere.

Is Your Friend Jealous Of You?

Many reasons can make get friend jealous of you. Dating a handsome chick or guy, getting a better pay package than him or her, being asked out by mutual friends etc. The reasons can be many, and when the friend starts getting jealous, you would only get to know after things get worse between you two. While few friends show off their jealousy openly, there are many who will keep it deep inside their hearts. So, how would you know that your best friend is jealous of you?

Signs to know if your best friend is jealous of you:

Avoidance: When a friend is extremely jealous of you, he or she would start avoiding you to the fullest. This is because the friend cannot see you succeeding in your life when he/she is lagging behind. "I am busy so, cannot come down to your place" is a common excuse given by a jealous friend.

Acting: Showing a broad smile when you are happy is something natural. If this smile is fake and you can feel it, it is a sign to know that your friend is jealous of your happiness. Showing off that he/she is happy is something to watch out for!

Trying to degrade you: When a friend gets jealous of you, he/she will get into a competition. The effort to degrade you in front of others is one of the most common reactions a friend can have out of jealousy. This is a common sign that clearly shows that he/she is having inferiority complex.

Comments on everything: A jealous best friend will try to prove that whatever you say or suggest is completely wrong. Correcting you on small things or trying to comment on whatever you say is another sign to know the jealous side of your best friend. Mind you, it is just an initiative to hurt your ego and break your confidence. He or she is on mental cold war with you!

Your best friend can get jealous of you. It is nothing unusual. You can take your friend's happiness wholeheartedly but all fingers are not of the same shape and size. Your friend might not necessarily take you in the same way! Discuss with your friend and bridge the gap between you two.

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