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Why Men Can Love But Not Marry?

Posted By: Super Admin

Yesterday, at night my friend after a long chat with her boyfriend asked me a question which has been asked by many girls before, 'why men don't want to get married?' It seems her boyfriend told her that he loves her very much and wants to spend the whole life with her but does not want to get married. I have heard many other girls complain about the same thing. I asked one of my male friends and he says that every boy is scared of marriage. Some are honest enough to confess it and others are not.

Why men don't want to get married?

After discussing it with several of my male friends and with the help of their honest confession the below mentioned points is what I could conclude -

1.They are scared of being bound in anything. Men love their freedom which they have been enjoying since childhood. A girl in their life already creates boundaries. If an affair is a commitment, marriage is a binding and has rules. Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime and men usually don't want to plan their future. This is what men think.

2.The second reason why men don't want to get married is because they are scared of responsibility. Marriage in any society is a greater responsibility for the man. The family and his wife are dependent on him. Even if his wife is working, still he has the greater responsibility towards the family. The otherwise carefree men get scared of being a failure in marriage.

3.A women can compromise in her personal space but men will never. They love their space, which might be intruded after marriage. An affair does not give the girl that much right as does marriage. Thus, to keep their space guarded, men don't want to get married.

4.Men always get confused between career and family. According to them a marriage makes it more difficult to balance career with personal life. Specially when men are in high profile jobs, they don't want to compromise with their success and divert their attention to marriage commitments.

The debate between men and women have always been regarding who is better but at the end they have to spend the life together. Men and women end up falling in love with their differences but will the differences and demands create problem in future? This is the big question which makes a man not want to marry.

Story first published: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 16:04 [IST]
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