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Top Summer Breakfast Recipes | Best Summer Breakfast Recipes

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Hands down, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it provides an essential energy boost to the night-long hibernated body of ours, giving us a vital start to take on the long day.

Summer mornings can be a bit more difficult, as we know we will be exposed to extreme heat of the day afterwards. Thus, a light yet filling breakfast is a must, which will keep us full and hydrated, give us a bowl full of nutrition, yet which is delicious for our taste-buds.

To make the perfect assimilation of taste and health, we have accumulated our top summer breakfast recipes which can be prepared in a jiffy and give you a sumptuous bowl of delicious breakfast spread.

How Do You Choose Your Breakfast Spread?

To kick-start a long summery day, choose breakfast options which will be full of probiotics and nutrients plus gulp it down with a drink full of antioxidants that will keep your body young and protect your cells from ageing fast.

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In summer, we love to indulge in a fresh salad, coupled with fruits and veggies or a sandwich spread with a hung-curd dip that will not be heavy for our tummy. Curd is great to have in summer, as it provides us with an array of nutritional benefits.

If you are not a fan of sandwich or a fresh fruit bowl of salad, try our delicious mango rice recipe, after all what can be better than a scrumptious rice bowl, flavoured with pungent mango and enticing Indian spices?

To check our top summer breakfast recipes, scroll down below and let us know what do you like to have in the summer mornings.

1)Cold Vegetable Sandwich Recipe | Hung Curd And Mayonnaise Sandwich Recipe

2)Hung Curd Sandwich Recipe : How To Make Homemade Vegetable Hung Curd Sandwich

3)Rava Dosa Recipe | How To Make Crispy Rava Dosa | Suji Ke Dosa

4)Vegetable Dosa Recipe | Vegetable Uthappam Recipe

5)Mango Rice Recipe | How To Make Mavinkayi Chitranna | Mamidikaya Pulihora Recipe

6)Sweet Corn Kosambari Recipe | How To Make Corn Pomegranate Kosambari Salad | Ugadi Special Easy 5-mi

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