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Top Quick Fix Recipes | Instant Veg Recipes | Easy Veg Recipes

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We all know how a homemade meal is better in so many ways, only if our clock would have allowed! From breakfast to supper, our tight schedule has little time to let us cook all the meals; hence, we keep relying on take-out meals more than we should!

But what if we tell you, making a wholesome meal does not have to be a time-consuming affair. Follow our top quick fix recipes to prepare a nutritious meal in minutes.

Say yes to seasonal produces

While making a quick meal, fresh leafy vegetables come in most handy. The best part about fresh seasonal veggies is that along with being delicious, they endow your body with a number of essential nutrients. Every season comes with new veggies, which can lend you a bunch of healthy benefits and they are easily available in the market, which makes them perfectly functional for our busy life.

Staple veggies

While talking about veggies, we can not ignore the importance of a few staple veggies which can be adapted in all kinds of recipes, catering you instant and a toothsome bowl of nutrition in minutes. For instance, stock up your kitchen with spinach and capsicums and see how easily they give you a filling dish.

Proteins are essential

Instead of making a complex dish which will take you hours, you can easily snack with some easy protein recipes that will not only lend you a filling meal but also endow your body with a high content of protein. Stack sprouts and various kind of beans in your kitchen and make instant protein recipes by using them in a salad recipe. Not a fan of salad? Try our paneer recipes instead; marinate paneer cubes for a couple of minutes in a batter of Indian spices and fry them on the pan! A delicious and juicy starter recipe can be prepared within minutes!

Be batter ready

Sometimes, making a quick meal is only a matter of pre-planning. For instance, prepare a dosa/idli batter and soak it over-night. Once your batter is ready, you can prepare a number of tasty dishes using the same batter instantly.

Midnight cravings, anyone?

How many of you experience midnight cravings for dessert and end up having a complete ice-cream tub all by yourself? Instead of putting a lot of calories on and experiencing a whole lot of guilt, we can prepare low-calorie desserts and store them in the refrigerator for days. Now, salivate midnight hunger pangs without the guilt trip people!

To know more about our top quick fix recipes, quickly scroll down below and let us know what recipes should we try next.

1)Sweet Corn Kosambari Recipe | How To Make Corn Pomegranate Kosambari Salad | Ugadi Special Easy 5-mi

Kosambari loosely translates to a fresh bowlful of salad, bursting into flavours in our mouth, packed with freshly picked fruits and vegetables with a tit-bit of Indian spices. Try our sweet corn cosambari salad and tell us how did you like it.

2)Kala Chana Fruit Salad Recipe: How To Make Black Chana Fruit Salad At Home

Kala chana fruit salad is a fusion recipe that is prepared by cooking kala chana and adding it to a fruit salad. The black chana fruit salad also consists of curd that adds to the flavour of the salad.

3)Paneer Afghani Recipe | Afghani Paneer Masala Recipe | Easy Afghani Paneer Recipe

We confess! Out of all the paneer recipes that we have tried and fallen in absolute love with, Paneer Afghani recipe stays right at the top of that list. Believe us, it is the tastiest paneer recipe which you can prepare.

4)Vegetable Dosa Recipe | Vegetable Uthappam Recipe

Vegetable dosa loosely translates to a spongy textured dosa, filled with the goodness of the veggies and a crispy top, just the way we like it. Dosa has a thousand variations in India with diverse shapes and sizes and we believe vegetable dosa is one of the best of the lot.

5)Poha Recipe: How To Prepare Avalakki At Home

Poha, or avalakki, is a popular and one of the most common breakfast dishes of both North and South India. It is almost a part of everyday cooking. There exists two main variations of this dish.

6)Soya Vegetable Mix Recipe

Soya vegetable mix is a North Indian side dish usually served with rotis and naan. This is a highly protein-rich food that is considered to be advantageous, especially for women. Soya vegetable mix is the powerhouse of health benefits.

7)Green Gram Dosa Recipe: How To Prepare The Low-calorie Green Gram Dosa At Home

Green gram dosa is a traditional low-calorie South Indian dish, also known as pesarattu, which is a great dish to have for all the weight-watchers. It hails from the state of Andhra Pradesh and it can be served as a breakfast as well.

8)Apple Rabdi Recipe | How To Make Apple Kheer | Seb Rabdi Recipe

Rabdi, or kheer, loosely translates to creamy milk delicacies that we love to indulge in, given any occasion or just to cheer up a gloomy day. We love our kheer recipes with various dry fruits, rice or with fruity delights and this apple rabdi is the perfect conconction of fresh fruits and milk.


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