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Top Popular Indian Recipes | Best Indian Recipes | Tasty Indian Recipes

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Do you love plunging into delicious Indian recipes too? As an Indian , we all take great pride in our rich and varied culture and cuisines. Indian recipes simply translate to everything exquisite that you can put on a food platter. To pay tribute to this country of 1.32 billion people, today we are sharing our picks of the top popular Indian recipes, dishes that we have tried and have fallen in love with right away, the dishes that represent our broad culture, and the food platters that reflect all the colours of India.

Diversities Are Endless

Indian recipes have the name or fame of being so diverse where every part of India has something enriching to contribute to the cuisine as a whole. From North India's royal cuisines to South India's mellow delicacies, popular Indian recipes can be spotted almost in every corner of India and the stunning taste will win you over every time.

Impeccable North Cuisines

From North India's splendid food platter, we have selected few dishes which are loved by all. For example, for any special occasion, can you ditch the butter chicken masala recipe for anything else? For a casual adda (hang out), we have all the spicy chaat masala recipes which rule our heart. Be it alu chaat or dahi bhalla chat, we are game!

With Love, From Mumbai

We love visiting Mumbai for the food course itself! A walk by the Marine Drive is incomplete without dipping your fingers in the delicious Pav bhaji masala! From Mumbai's charming cuisines, we have added some of our favourite ones to this list, so that every time you crave pav bhaji, you do not need to travel to aamchi Mumbai (our Mumbai)!

Karnataka Favourites

Namma Karnataka has some of the dishes that we always go for when we swear by those as our comfort foods. For a cozy day to pass, we would want nothing more than a plate of delicious Obattu or Rasam.

Without further ado, let's quickly take a look at our top popular Indian recipe list and tell us in the comments below which of these recipes will you be trying this weekend.

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1)Butter Chicken Recipe

Nation’s favourite chicken recipe needs no introduction. You do not have to be an Indian to fall in love with this delicious chicken recipe. Slow-cooked chicken in a perfect concoction of Indian spices along with butter, this drool worthy Punjabi recipe is India’s treasure to cherish forever!

2)Egg Bhurji Recipe: How To Prepare Egg Bhurji At Home

When in need, we always trust something that our kitchen has and the one we can make quickly to make peace with our midnight hunger pangs. Egg bhurji is one such dish that has saved us hundreds of nights when we craved protein and had nothing in the pantry. Try this at home at once if you have not already!

3)Dal Makhani Recipe | Punjabi Dal Makhani Recipe | Easy Dal Makhani Recipe

A gastronomical heaven for vegetarians, this dish is our personal favourite dal recipe which can be passed on as one of the tastiest dal recipes that we have ever tried. Slow cooked dal with a blend of aromatic Indian spices, this recipe is surely a winner.

4)Paneer Afghani Recipe | Afghani Paneer Masala Recipe | Easy Afghani Paneer Recipe

The mention of paneer brings a smile on our face every time and we have declared this ultimate paneer recipe as our favourite time and again. The best part about this appetizer recipe is that it is super easy to make and hardly takes any time.

5)Pav Bhaji Recipe: How To Make Mumbai-style Pav Bhaji

What’s your favourite street food? Does pav bhaji come in that list? If yes, then you do not need to hunt for the best pav bhaji food joint nearby, when you can simply make this at home itself with our easy pav bhaji recipe.

6)Bele Obbattu Recipe: How To Make Puran Poli At Home

Goes by both the name of Bele Obattu and Puran Poli, this sweet flat-bread recipe has our heart for being so utterly delicious and filling at the same time. Do try this at home and you would never stop making this. We promise!

7)Rasam Recipe: How To Make Tomato Rasam

Rasam needs no introduction but in case you have not heard about this dish, do make it in your next lunch for an addition of tangy punch to your meal. Made out of nothing but tomato and a striking range of Indian spices, rasam never fails to entice your taste buds.

8)Curd Rice Recipe: How To Make Thayir Saadam

Curd rice is the ultimate comfort food in case you have fallen sick or going through stomach troubles. This south Indian wonder will cater you a yummy plate of rice and curd, fused with spices and laced with coriander leaves, cashews and will cure your troubled stomach overnight.

9)Rasmalai Recipe | How To Make Bengali Rasmalai | Spongy Rasmalai Recipe

For desserts, let’s travel back to North and hit the birthplace of our favourite rasogolla. From the birthplace of rasogolla, we are sharing our another favourite Bengali sweet recipe Rasmalai. Trust us, this desert is the answer to all your sweet cravings. And we believe, you will love it as much as the rest of India does.

10)Mishti Doi Recipe: How To Make Sweetened Curd

What do you like in Bengali food? The common answer that goes around will definitely be Misti Doi. But did you know that making misti doi (sweet curd) is this easy? Try this recipe right away and thank us later.


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