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Top Evening Tea Snack Recipes | Top Evening Snacks Recipes | Easy Snacks Recipes

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Evening snacks should be called our daily dose of relaxation! Whether you have it with your friends or office colleagues or with family members after coming home, these snack recipes give us a sense of relief after a long day. Whether you have it with tea, coffee or some cold beverages on a hot day, snacks are important, as they give you a calorie boost to your body as the last meal you have had was lunch!

When it comes to evening snack recipes, people tend to have different choices. While some of us would love to munch on chaats or pakoras on some day, on other days, we may go for a filling sandwich or a yummy piece of cake! To make these snacks menu interesting, we are sharing our top evening tea snack recipes, with which you never have to repeat the same snack recipe twice in a week!

Chaat Recipes:

Who does not love lip-smacking chaat recipes after a stressful day? Though not the healthiest of the lot, yet they work for us just as fine, as we can not get over their delicious taste! Try from our mouth-watering range of chaat recipes, from aloo tikki chaat to spicy peanuts masala chaat, we promise these dishes will make your evening a munching fest in no time!

Sandwich Recipes:

For the evening snacks to be filling, a scrumptious yet nutritious snack recipe is important. Hence, try from our sandwich recipes which will fill your tummy and make you happy at the same time!

Bake Happiness:

When you have got a bit of time, try a simple cake recipe, which will go perfectly with tea and make your tea-time a sweet, yummilicious affair!

To know more about our recipes, take a look at our top evening tea-time snack recipes list and watch the videos by just clicking on the link!

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1)Aloo Tikki Chaat Recipe

For potato lovers, this recipe is equal to gastronomical heaven as you get to munch on a crispy potato tikki dipped in the best of flavours that we love to devour!

2)Congress Kadalekai Recipe

Masala peanuts and fresh salads punched together make the best of chaat recipes! Buy masala peanuts from a local store and make this in minutes.

3)Aloo Chaat Recipe

Just the sight of this dish makes our mouth salivating as this aloo chaat is one of our most favourite chaat recipes! Spicy, tangy and everything good in a chaat platter!

4)Schezwan Sandwich Recipe

If you are a paneer lover like us, this sandwich is a muct try! Quite filling and tasty, this sandwich is a must in tea-time!

5)Chilli Cheese Corn Sandwich Recipe

Chilli, cheese and corn, binding a sandwich platter that will make you fall in love with this sandwich at once! Try this at home and thank us later!

6)Potato Grilled Sandwich Recipe | Aloo Masala Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Potatao and our favourite spices, grilled together with a generous filling of butter! If you do not always go ny calorie measures, this sandwich will make you happy for sure!

7)Eggless Dry Fruit Cake Recipe: How To Prepare Eggless Dry Fruit Cake At Home

Bake a delicious cake and enjoy this with tea! Try this easy cake recipe at home!

8)Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe: How To Prepare Eggless Chocolate Cake At Home

Who can say no to chocolates? We say, chocolate is a synonym of happiness! Try our chocolate cake recipe to make your evening a sweet and chocolaty affair!

9)How To Make Banana And Jam Cake Recipe

Banana and jam cake is perfect for those days when you want something sweet and filling as your evening snack! Plus, this recipe is quite easy to make as well!

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