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Top Chutney Recipes | Indian Dip Recipes | Summer Recipes

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How do you make sure everyone enjoys a meal thoroughly? Simple! Just add one scoop of our top chutney recipes to your meal and see how this happy fusion of sweet and sour flavours oomph up the taste of your meal instantly!

Indian dip or chutney recipes have acclaimed the fame worldwide for being so diverse, an exquisite emblem of unique flavours, put together, adorning any meal so beautifully. As for the country, one can find an array of different variations of chutney recipes, distinctive of the region and the cultural cuisine that they carry.

Preparing a chutney recipe is quite easy. You pick a seasonal fruit, herb or vegetable of your choice and incorporate our rich Indian spices with it, according to your taste preferences. Moreover, chutneys comprise a number of health benefits; hence, finishing up your meal with a chutney will ensure that your digestive system functions better and you'll be left with a soft and refreshing flavour in your mouth.

What's Your Favourite Chutney?

For us, chutney, prepared during the summer months, implies all kinds of mango chutney and our heart is ruled by this raw mango chutney recipe! A smooth emblem of raw mango, layered with cardamom, cooked till it gets a syrupy texture, makes a unique accompaniment to go with lunch.

The texture of this chutney also makes it an ideal jam spread. Feel free to use it as a breakfast staple jam recipe as well. On top of that, this recipe is super simple to make and can be prepared almost instantly. Just grate the raw mangoes and cook them well with sugar and cardamom till you get a slightly dense texture of the mango syrup.

Apart from seasonal fruit chutneys, there are quite a few chutney recipes that you can make throughout the year. For instance, coriander chutney or green chutney, which is such a fresh Indian dip recipe that not only gives a dimension to the dish but also endows you with a number of health benefits.

Green chutney is packed with Vitamins A, B, C and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. So, this refreshing chutney will not only make your meal more scrumptious but also lend you many nutritional benefits.

In case you like your chutney to be a bit more tangy and pungent, try our garlic chutney or tomato chutney. Be it sweet, sour or tangy, chutney recipes are a must for our summer meals, as it aids our body in so many ways along with giving us a unique experience of a grand luncheon!

Check out our top chutney recipes by scrolling down and tell us which dip recipes should we try next.

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