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Indian summer is different than the countries of west. Sure, we enjoy the sun when we hit the beaches, but mostly we sweat on our way to the work and pray for rain to make the weather soothing and bearable for us. Air-conditioned room may give us relief for a period of time but our bodies get dehydrated majorly and a lot of us fall prey to this overwhelming heat and fall sick easily.

So, how do we ensure that our bodies are properly hydrated and nourished in this scorching summer? Simple, we go back to our roots and prepare some of the most delicious beverages which are purely Indian and possess the ability to soothe our drenched body quickly along with catering us a glass full of nutrients and health benefits.

Age-old Lassi And Variations Of It:

Lassi recipes come in wide varieties and in case you have not tried lassi at home, you are missing out on a lot! While regular lassi will aid you in digestion and prevent stomach problems like bloating and stomach infections, you can also try other variations of lassi like mango lassi, which will endow you with the goodness of the delicious mango flavour and the amazing benefits of a mango.

top 5 summer beverage recipes

Pudina Bliss: Pudina leaves come as a blessing in summer if you know how to employ it in recipes correctly. For example, the pudina chaas recipe has its origin in Punjab and when we tried it, there was no looking back. In summer, if your body is overheated, this pudina chaas will work like magic and give you an instant relief.

Buttermilk: For the people of South, buttermilk is the go-to summer drink and all of us should include this drink in our weekly food chart, if not daily. Buttermilk helps reduce body heat and aids us to be hydrated in summer. When a glass full of this beverage is taken, it helps us to be full for a longer period of time. Try our ragi buttermilk recipe this summer to know why exactly you should add it in your daily drink recipe.

Thandai Is Love

Though majorly known as a festive drink taken during Holi and other summer festivals, for a weekend special drink, you can easily try this at home. Made with various dry fruits, dried rose petals and aromatic spices, thandai has our heart as the best summer drink ever!

To know more about our top 5 summer beverage recipes, quickly scroll down below and check all of the recipes by simply clicking on the link. Include these drinks in your weekly diet chart and you will never have to worry about being dehydrated again.

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1)Pudina Chaas Recipe | Mint Flavoured Buttermilk Recipe | Pudina Lassi Recipe

To beat the excessive heat of the summer, pudina chaas is our go-to drink. Made with pudina or mint leaves and thick curd, this drink has more than one nutritional benefit.

2)Sweet Lassi Recipe: How To Make Punjabi Sweet Lassi

Lassi needs no introduction, as this Punjabi drink has come as our saviour in more than one occasion. But instead of ordering this drink from your nearest lassi parlour, make this at home with our easy-to-prepare lassi recipe.

3)Mango Lassi Recipe | Easy Summer Drink Recipe | Mango Recipes

Summer is the season of mangoes and this mango lassi recipe gets a thumbs up from us for being so easy to prepare. All you need to make this recipe are curd, mango and 5 minutes of your time.

4)Ragi Buttermilk Recipe: How To Make Ragi Majjige

Ragi buttermilk needs no introduction, as it is the most-opted-for drink in the South. Every household includes this at their dinning table to ensure your stomach stays out of trouble. To know how to make this recipe, click on the recipe link.

5)Holi Special Thandai Recipe: How To Make Thandai At Home

For a day of festivity or to cheer up a gloomy evening, thandai will be your most eligible drink! Sure, you need a handful of ingredients to make this properly but once you have it, there is a festival in your mouth, awaiting.

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