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Top 10 Veg Rice Recipes

Written By: Arpita

Rice is the most celebrated cereal in India, which is cherished across the whole country in diverse shapes, sizes, textures and flavours. Rice recipes can feature in any type of cuisines, be it appetizers, mains or mouthwatering desserts.

Just the mention of rice brings a familiar feeling of homeliness and nostalgia in us and that is why, it has been successfully wearing the crown of being the most adored comfort-food in whatever form it may adhere.

The usage of rice in a recipe may differ as you travel across the country. In the northern part of India, rice is found to be prepared with meat and vegetables as a filling main-course meal or as a sweet delicacy, where rice is lovingly incorporated with cashews, pistachios, almonds, raisins and dates.

In the south of India, we don't mind digging in vegetarian rice recipes as a breakfast delight or as a scrumptious main and we love our rice with coconuts, veggies, curd or just flavoured with unique spices.

However, rice has been also accused for being the kind of carb that makes you consume more calories, resulting in those love-handles around the waist that we hate to gain.

But the recent studies say that consuming a balanced amount of rice as a part of your daily meal can help you gain the balanced diet regime as well as it helps your body in maintaining a regular sugar level.

So, the next time when you are in a mood to cook and your kitchen has nothing but rice and some veggies, try out a couple of these easy rice recipes which we absolutely love and believe us, with any of our favourite top ten simple rice recipes, you'd be left with a satisfying and filling meal every time, which you'd love to go back to time and again.

top 10 veg rice recipes
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