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Is Your Toddler Ready For Preschool?


Most people will agree with us when we say that children grow up too quickly. One day they are a little bundle in your arms, and it seems the very next day when they toddle about on little legs and you have to run after them to keep them out of trouble.

Many kids are upset when they first go to school and so are some mothers too. In fact, most parents will get a little emotional when they realise that their child is growing up. But, when do you send your child off to school?

Of course there are particular ages when they must start grade one, but they must experience a kindergarten or preschool before that.

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Is your toddler ready for preschool? Your child needs to be physically ready for this adventure and so must be ready for it emotionally, socially and developmentally. There is no foolproof way to decide this, but below we describe some techniques to determine whether your toddler is ready for preschool or not.

Independent: Before you decide if your toddler ready for preschool, determine whether he is independent in doing little things like washing his hands and eating food without assistance. Potty training is also a must.

Time away from you: If your child has spent time away from you with a babysitter or other family members for a significant period of time, then you can be more positive regarding the question; is your toddler ready for preschool.

Projects of their own: Most children like to experiment with one thing or other at home like painting or building. Make sure to nurture these skills in your child.

Group activities: Going to a preschool involves playing and sharing with other children. Before you bring your toddler preschool, it would be better for you to analyse whether they interact with other kids of their age.

Regular schedule: All preschools follow a regular schedule. Your toddler may find preschool tough if your child is not used to this. Make some simple schedule like bedtime or meal time to be strictly followed at home as well.

Physical strength: Preschools will often keep the kids busy even though there is nap time as well. Your toddler's preschool should not begin till they have the stamina to endure a full day at the school.

Obedience: It is imperative that obedience is maintained at the preschool. If your toddler has trouble with rules and is often disobedient, then you must reconsider if your toddler is ready for preschool.

Feelings of consideration: If your toddler has siblings, he probably has considerations for others. Your toddler should be able to interact with other children. This is one sign that your toddler is ready for preschool.

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