Why Is Your Kid Still Bed Wetting?

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Parents often take their kid's habit of bed wetting too lightly. It is also our strange Indian mentality that it is alright for a child to pee in bed for 5, 7 or even 10 years of age. This is a big myth and needs to be corrected. You start your toddler's toilet training at the age of 2 or 3, so by the time your toddler becomes 5, he or she should not bed wet anymore.

In many cases, young kids continue to bed wet even past their toddler years. This is not healthy for you or your child. There might be some unsuspected cause of bed wetting that you have ignored.

Bed Wetting

Causes Of Bed Wetting In Toddlers:

1. Diabetic Child: Many kids are born with type 1 diabetes. This condition goes undetected for years at times. You are already aware that diabetes causes frequent urination. Your toddler might find it difficult to control the urge to urinate at night and end up bed wetting. If the kid is bed wetting and also displays other signs of diabetes like fatigue, bad eye sight etc, then test the child's blood sugar levels.

2. Constipation: If the child is constipated, then there are more chances of him or her peeing in bed. Then the bowels stiffen up and press against the bladder, it leads to involuntary urination. This can happen to adults at well. If your toddler has responded to toilet training quite well and still bed wets once in a while, then constipation is a cause well worth investigating.

3. Congenital Disorders: It is an amazing fact that bed wetting is a genetic problem. It may be associated with small bladder size or a dysfunctional bladder. These are congenital disorders that is passed from the parent to child. If there is a history of such disorders in your family then get your child checked for these.

4. Fear: Anxiety is an emotion with incredible power. Stress and anxiety can make your kid do bed wetting subconsciously. If you have scolded the child just before bed or threatened the child with some punishment for bed wetting, then the poor kid may pee in sleep out of fear. Change of location and the compulsion to sleep alone can also make the child lose control over his or her bladder.

5. Sibling Rivalry: If you have just had your second (or more) child, then your first child may experience jealousy. The new baby is suddenly the centre of attraction at home. As a parent you would naturally have to devote all your energy to the new baby. The toddler who is used to having all your attention feels insecure by this. So, the toddler might go back to bed wetting as an attempt to get your attention.

The best parenting tips for stopping your kid from bed wetting is to be stern but understanding. A hard thrashing is not going to solve the problem if your child has any of these genuine causes behind bed wetting.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 16:39 [IST]
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