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Toddler Grooming – 7 Tips To Ensure Hygiene

By Super

'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' – A statement that we have all heard from the time we've been kids. But to actually understand and implement it is totally different. We all took a considerable time to understand the importance of keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. The same implies to our little ones as well.

Toddler grooming is one way to ensure hygiene and thus, keep your child healthy. There is no particular age to teach kids about cleanliness. However, a toddler is someone who is learning many new things. So, by following these toddler grooming tips, you not only succeed in keeping your toddler clean, but also teach him about importance of personal hygiene as well.

7 Toddler grooming tips:

1.Let's start with the busiest part of your little 'busy body'. His hands. Washing your toddler hands is very important. So is keeping their nail lengths short. Buy a colourful nailbrush and use it to clean their nails frequently. Cut nails after a bath, as they are softer and your toddler will be more relaxed and a bit sleepy too.

2.Potty training might not be a problem anymore. However, teach your child the importance of cleaning after potty. If the child is eager to try cleaning himself, let him to so, but you follow up by cleaning thoroughly. Remind them to wash hands after potty, even if they haven't cleaned themselves.

3.Bathing is the next ritual that helps in keeping your toddler well groomed and clean. If possible give them a bath twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. Wash with a mild soap. If your child loves his bath time, let him splash around in plain water, rather than soap water. The soaps in the water can cause infections in the genital area.

4.Brushing teeth is another compulsory, but a little tedious toddler grooming ritual. Most toddlers will want to brush themselves, but remember to brush again after they are done with their game. Make it a habit to clean their teeth before bedtime.

5.After a bath, clean your toddler's ears with a soft cotton cloth. Concentrate on the outer ear and behind the ear. Check with your pediatrician to know if any internal cleaning of the ear is required.

6.Hair care is a particular concern for most parents. Wash their regularly with a mild shampoo. Make sure to get rid of all shampoo in the hair. The next thing about toddler hair care is hair cut. If it is a boy, you need to take them to a salon regularly. (unless you want your toddler to be rock star!) Prior to his first haircut, take your toddler to salon, so that he understands that haircut is a normal and painless procedure.

7.If it is a girl and if she is not fussy about getting her hair braided, then you are lucky as you can dress your princess in many ways. Make sure that no hair gets into her eyes, as it leads to infections. If she someone who does not like her 'crowning glory', then get her used to hair cuts in the salon.

Nobody, including yourself, likes messy kids. The above toddler grooming tips come in handy to all mothers. They'll have fewer worries about their toddler's hygiene. Follow these parenting tips and keep a check on your kids cleanliness.


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Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 16:23 [IST]
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