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Leboyer Method Of Birthing: All You Need To Know

Birthing classes are quite a rage nowadays. With the increasing number of millennial moms opting for a Caesarean delivery as an "easy way out", it is important to spread awareness about the negative impact of a C-section, which is often opted out of mere convenience. Birthing classes indeed help in the endeavour to spread awareness about the perks of an all-natural birth.

In the pregnancy and parenting articles on Boldsky, we have an extensive array of articles on various birthing methods which prepare the mother for a normal delivery, both mentally as well as physically. But have you ever wondered what the baby goes through during birth? Well, if you already started pondering over it now, you must definitely read about the Leboyer method of birthing.

Read on to know about the Leboyer method of birthing and what makes it different from other birthing methods.

What Is Leboyer Method Of Birthing?

Leboyer is a birthing method which increasingly focuses on the well being of the foetus before and after birth. The technique stresses on providing a stress-free environment for childbirth which replicates the womb of the mother.

Who Developed The Leboyer Method Of Birthing?

Developed by Dr Fredric Leboyer in the 1970s, he believed that the method of delivery should be focused not on the mother but rather on the foetus. He stressed on the importance of the fact that newborn infants should be given a stress-free and calming environment after birth, much so like the natural womb.

In his book, "Birth without Violence", Fredric advocates gentle birthing methods, which help the baby make a smooth transition from the womb to the outside world. In this process, low light and a warm atmosphere will help the baby cope with the sudden temperature changes. He also gives importance to increasing mother and baby skin contact to establish a connection, which is so instinctive to the baby.

What Is The Philosophy Behind The Leboyer Method Of Birthing?

The main philosophy behind the Leboyer method of birthing lies in the fact that typical birthing methods cause a huge amount of distress to the unborn baby. This may make them uncomfortable and make it hard for them to cope up with the outside world.

It is a scientific fact that babies without stress go on to live healthier lives than their stressful counterparts. And the one thing that puts the baby at ease is a normal and natural birth in a calming and soothing environment which makes their transition to the outer world easier.

The Leboyer method of birth stresses on providing a surrounding which is easy on the eyes and skin of the baby. Therefore, a dimly lit temperature-controlled room is said to be ideal for birth. Also, the baby should be massaged gently to ease their crying and encourage their lungs to naturally take in air rather than abruptly cutting their umbilical cord and leaving them gasping for air.

The baby should later be gently placed on the mother's stomach so that it can hear the familiar sound of its mother's heartbeat to soothe them. Their senses will take over and they will be able to guide themselves to the mother's nipple for feeding.

This more gentle and peaceful method of birthing is said to give birth to stress-free babies who are far more relaxed and healthier.

Benefits Of The Leboyer Method Of Birthing

This kind of gentle and natural birth does have its advantages-

1) The Leboyer method of childbirth abhors the concept of pulling the baby's head in order ease the delivery method. This causes undue stress on the baby. Instead, mothers are advised to relax and let mother nature take over.

2) It stresses on increased mother-baby bonding which ultimately quickens the recovery process of the mother by increasing the oxytocin hormones in the body which will help heal internal wounds. Also, it reduces pain and stress on the mother which may give rise to complications.

3) A peaceful and warm environment gives the baby ample time for the transition from the womb to the real world.

4) This method also includes delayed cord clamping which again has a whole lot of benefits for the baby as it receives all the cord blood and stem cells required for a healthy life.

5) The baby is massaged in order to encourage them to take their first breath naturally. This decreases the need for outer stimulation of the baby's senses taking over.

While this birthing method has its own advantages and may sound wonderful, not all pregnancies are same and therefore it may be wise to ask your doctor and go through the negatives and positives before opting for any kind of birthing method.

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