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14 Surprising Benefits Of Jeera Water During Pregnancy

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An expecting mother wants to do everything right during her pregnancy. She would have doubts regarding any food item she consumes, how it affects her and if it is beneficial. Jeera or cumin is one such ingredient that has a multitude of benefits.

Cumin is a common household ingredient which has added medicinal traits. It is extensively used in curries and stews. Cumin has great anti-inflammatory properties; it is dense in antioxidants. It relieves the tummy bloating, morning sickness and constipation during pregnancy. As consumption of jeera seeds can be strong for the pregnant women, it is best consumed as jeera water.

Health Benefits Of Jeera Water During Pregnancy

1. Relieves stomach cramps

Jeera water helps to debloat the stomach which is common during pregnancy. Any acidity formation or indigestion issues are taken care of. It is an effective painkiller and a great remedy to reduce abdominal pain and stomach ache. As consumption of jeera water facilitates the secretion of digestive enzymes, the digestion process becomes easy, thus providing good gut health.

2. Better digestion during pregnancy

Jeera water stimulates the digestive enzymes. It is a much-needed process to digest carbohydrates and fats. Pregnant women can face frequent acidity problems within the body. The imbalance of acids can upset the stomach and cause gastritis. Jeera relieves the expecting mother of the gut issues that are frequent during pregnancy [3] . It provides strength to intestine muscles and prevents acid reflux and heartburns within the body.

3. Facilitates lactation during pregnancy

Jeera helps in milk formation and secretion from the mammary glands. It contains a good amount of iron, hence it helps the woman to have strength during baby delivery. A glass of jeera water every day would be a blessing for both the mother and foetus.

4. Increases body immunity

Jeera is rich in iron and dietary fibre. Consumption of its water can be very effective in fighting diseases or infections within the body. Jeera water helps to sustain normal functioning within the body and increases body immunity [3] . It fights back any harmful pathogens and keeps the body healthy due to its high vitamin A, C and E content.

5. Effective remedy for gestational diabetes

Jeera water can be a boon to treat type 2 diabetes. Even women who have never contracted diabetes stay at a risk during pregnancy. Jeera has components that create a rise in insulin levels and balance in blood sugar. This medicinal water is a good source to prevent diabetes in expecting women [5] , who never had a history with gestational diabetes and imbalanced blood sugar.

6. Assists the respiratory system

Jeera water is very effective in preventing cough and cold in pregnant women. It creates a positive effect on the respiratory tract [5] . It acts as a decongestant, where it removes all the mucus blockage within the chest. Breathing becomes easy and even the baby does not get affected by the sickness. Starting the day with a glass of jeera water can eliminate the problems of cough and cold for the mother-to-be.

7. Normalizes the blood pressure

Increased blood sugar levels can have a negative impact on both the baby and mother. As jeera is rich in potassium, it has an important role in the normal functioning of the body. Potassium is a key element to normalize and regulate smooth blood flow across the vessels. Whatever negative implications the excess salt has on the body, potassium balances that out and enhances good cardiovascular health.

8. Increases energy within the body

Jeera water is an excellent source to replenish the body in case of slow metabolism. It is known as a natural energy booster. Due to the presence of antioxidants and nutrients, it feeds the body with the required minerals and provides recovery. Feeling sluggish and tired are natural during pregnancy, as the body overworks to feed both the mother and baby. However, jeera water, due to its replenishment benefits, rejuvenates the mother [4] . If the pregnant mother has been feeling devoid of energy, jeera water does charm to make her feel fresh.

9. Boosts liver health

Jeera has wonderful detoxification properties [5] . It helps in the production of bile which helps in the easy breakage of food and detoxification of harmful elements within the intestine. Cumin increases heat across the entire body, thus increasing the metabolism. It is extremely beneficial for pregnant women to keep the harmful toxins at bay.

10. Cures anaemia

Pregnant women are prone to anaemia because their bodies have to work hard to supply blood for both the mother and the baby. If the mother consumes less iron and other nutrients, she would surely face a lack of haemoglobin that can be detrimental during delivery. Jeera water effectively combats the anaemia caused due to iron deficiency. The iron present in water can increase the blood supply and help the body to recover from exhaustion due to the lack of haemoglobin [2] . The expecting mother should drink it every day to keep her blood levels high.

11. Provides great skin health

Jeera water is a natural remedy to bring that beautiful glow in the skin that every woman desires. Especially during pregnancy, a woman's skin can look dull. Cumin has good amount of antioxidants like potassium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, calcium, etc., which repair and eradicate dead cells within the body, and assist in the growth of new cells [6] . These new cells are the reason for the skin appearing fresh and rejuvenated. Jeera water promotes soft and supple skin in expecting mothers.

12. Acne treatment during pregnancy

A mother would be prone to more acne breakouts during pregnancy because of all the hormonal imbalances within the body. Jeera water has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and excessive heat inside the body. It can be a fruitful remedy for the mothers to make their face clear and healthy [6] .

13. Boosts the metabolism

Cumin is high in phytosterols which are plant chemicals that prevent the increase of cholesterol in the body. This keeps the weight in check and prevents obesity that can be harmful to the expecting mother. Jeera water is spicy in itself, which provides the required heat within the body to keep away cough, cold and infections.

Being high in iron content, jeera promotes healthy metabolism [1] . Also, the aroma from jeera enhances the saliva production in the mouth. Production of normal saliva maintains a good appetite. Jeera water can be added to the everyday routine for its numerous benefits.

14. Helps in the development of the baby

An expecting mother can get super concerned about the proper development of her baby. Including all the health benefits enlisted above, jeera water aids in the proper development of the baby. It provides the baby with the required antioxidants and minerals. It provides protection from infection, cough and cold. It also helps the mother to lactate.

How To Prepare Jeera Water

Measure 3 tablespoons of jeera and 1 and a half litre of water. The water should be boiled along with jeera seeds for five minutes. The minerals and nutrients in jeera seep into the water. Sieve the mixture and allow it to cool for half an hour. The jeera water can be stored in the refrigerator and consumed any time during the day. It's preferable to prepare a fresh drink every day.

Side Effects Of Jeera Water

No matter how great this medicinal herb is, excessive consumption can cause certain problems in pregnant women.

  • Although cumin treats many digestive tract problems, drinking excess cumin water can cause heartburn. The bowel movement might be thrown off the track.
  • The bloating within the stomach can increase and make the mother burp and belch frequently. Sometimes, the bad odour can accompany the burp causing an embarrassment for the mother in public.
  • As jeera has volatile properties, excess consumption can cause liver and kidney damage. It can also increase muscle cramps.
  • Jeera has abortifacient traits. It can lead to miscarriage or early labour in pregnant women.
  • Cumin seeds, when consumed beyond normal, can also cause drowsiness, nausea and mental clouding, because of its narcotic attributes.
  • The blood sugar levels can drop low. Jeera water can also cause hormonal disturbances within the body.
  • The skin rashes and allergic outbreaks can become more visible on the skin.
  • Hence, jeera water is beneficial when consumed in normal amounts. A glass a day is advisable for the mother to stay healthy and fit.
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