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Ways To Naturally Induce Labour After 40 Weeks

By: Ajanta Sen

Becoming a mother is one of the most significant parts in a life of a woman. Motherhood is a divine experience and that is why every girl wants to become a mother of at least one child.

It brings a completeness in the life of every woman. However, motherhood is not a very easy and smooth process, as every woman has to face some very difficult situations.

These situations are very sophisticated as well as complicated, and that is why everyone needs to be very careful during the days of pregnancy.

The entire period of pregnancy completes in nearly 40 weeks, as a human baby needs this duration to grow adequately, and then the baby comes out of the mother’s womb.

Not only the to-be mother but her family, especially her husband, pass these 40 weeks with great anxieties. However, the period is often lengthened due to some complications.

These complications can be physical or can be caused by some medical reasons. Usually, people follow some ways to naturally induce labour after 40 weeks. The task is often not too easy as well.

The natural ways to induce labour at home have also evolved due to medical and physical complications.

However, if you are willing to follow the trusted ways to naturally induce labour after 40 weeks, then you can trust the ones that are mentioned below:


Take Exercise:

Exercises are always helpful and there are some specific exercises that can be used as the natural ways to induce labour at home. However, you must take advice of your doctor before you start taking any of those exercises at home.


Safe Sex:

Having a safe sex is another way to deliver a baby after you cross the period of growth of the baby inside you. You should follow all the safety guidelines that are meant for inducing the labour without causing the baby danger of any kind.


Nipple Stimulation:

Stimulation of the nipple causes a sensation that makes the uterus contract automatically. This is extremely helpful for inducing the labour after the completion of the incubation period of a baby.



This technique of acupuncture from China is one of the most successful ways to induce labour after 40 weeks. It stimulates the body to release oxytocin in the body. This method has been tested successfully on more than 400 women worldwide. This has no side effects as well.



Like acupuncture, acupressure is yet another therapy that has been very successful in inducing labour after 40 weeks. The practitioners believe that women with some amount of complications in their pregnancy should undergo acupressure after 37 weeks. It often reduces the complications during the last part of the pregnancy and helps the mothers to deliver their babies. It has also been tested successfully worldwide in well over more than 500 women.


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea:

This is a drink that tones up the muscles of the uterus, especially when taken with primrose oil. It controls the irregular contractions of the uterus and, in the process, reduces the complications to a greater extent. It also keeps the body hydrated.


Consume Spicy Food:

Apart from these ways to naturally induce labour after 40 weeks, you can also consume spicy food frequently. Spices release prostaglandins in the body that trigger frequent contraction of the uterus. This is helpful as one of most natural ways to induce labour at home after 40 weeks.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 20, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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