After Miscarriage Conceive Immediately!

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A new study claims that women who tried to conceive within 3 months after miscarriage had more than 50% chances of safe pregnancy. Researchers found this when they compared couples who waited too long after a miscarriage.

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More than a thousand couples participated in the study. The couples that tried to conceive sooner without giving a long gap were comparatively successful in achieving safer pregnancy devoid of miscarriages or still births.

Another aspect that researchers observed is that the women who attempted pregnancy soon after a miscarriage were younger, had lower BMI and suffered no fertility issues.

Researchers also say that most of the couples who suffered miscarriage generally wait as they might need sometime to heal and accept the loss.

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So, emotionally most of the couples are not generally ready but this study suggests attempting sooner than later. But after miscarriage conceive again soon, says researchers.


Heal Yourself

Try various ways to heal yourself both emotionally and even physically during the post miscarriage care. Relax and rest as much as possible.



Every evening, check your temperature and call the doctor immediately if temperature crosses 100 degrees F.



Bleeding may occur for some days. Spotting and cramping may also occur. But if you notice heavy bleeding, consult your doctor.



Use pads and tampons at least on the first day. But change them frequently depending upon the bleeding.


No Intercourse

Say no to intercourse till the bleeding subsides. During the first month, it is advisable to use birth-control methods even if you are planning to get pregnant immediately.



Never douche. Stay in touch with the doctor to inform your temperature, bleeding levels, cramping etc. Also, report if any pain is experienced.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 12:39 [IST]
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