Single Women Prenatal Care-Suggestions

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Single Pregnant Women
Single pregnant women have to take extra prenatal care. During their pregnancy stages every stage needs attention and precautions. Single pregnant mothers need emotional and physical strength equally and they have to pay good attention to their body needs. Prenatal care in every phase must be taken seriously and single mother help is extended it becomes easy for them. Support for single mother is required or else it becomes traumatic for them. Certain measures can be adopted for single pregnant prenatal care.

1. WHAT IS PRENATAL CARE - It refers to medical and nursing care before and during pregnancy.
If any problem is detected it can be treated in the early stages only through nutrition. vitamins, exercise and to direct the single pregnant women to specialist. Prenatal care is important to reduce birth defects, miscarriages, low birth weight and maternal death.

2. IMPORTANCE OF PRENATAL CARE - Single mother help must be extended and proper care must be implied which requires expecting mothers to intake vitamins with 400mcg of folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.

3. WHAT IT CONSIST OF - Handling pregnancy cannot be easy, especially if you have no one to take care of you and single mother help is a must for her to overcome the pain. It consist of monthly visit to the doctor every trimester (week 1-28), biweekly from 28 to 36 weeks, weekly after week 36 of pregnancy and finally assessment of parental need. These measures have to be adopted to take care and support single mothers.

5. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION - Some important steps must be taken into consideration during early stages of pregnancy. Physical examinations like collection of mother's medical history, checking her blood pressure, body weight and height, pelvic exam, Doppler fetal heart rate monitoring and blood urine tests must be done. These are very essential tests for mothers healthy delivery.

4. WHAT EXTRA MEASURES OF HANDLING PREGNANCY - By adopting these few methods and taking extra care can help normal delivery. Certain other things like baby care products, baby care manuals, dos and don'ts of first time mothers books can be read. To support single mothers the society does not readily agree but certain NGO'S and organisations come into single mothers help. Be it financial or emotional care, support is required so these organisations come into picture. Other necessities of handling pregnancy for single women are to engage in meditation and yoga. To attend counseling if required under immense stress. Mothers need to be happy and help of every kind must be provided.

5. FINAL STAGES - The last stages of birth that is the last three months are very crucial, where expecting mothers must take proper rest. They must watch their activities closely and follow a healthy diet for a safe delivery.

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Story first published: Friday, March 2, 2012, 18:14 [IST]
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