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Symptoms In The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

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ninth month of pregnancy
During the ninth month of pregnancy, (week 36-40), the woman is almost ready to deliver. The baby starts turning in head-down position in the eighth month and now, the baby can come out any time. What are the symptoms of ninth month of pregnancy?

1. Your baby's head will drop into your pelvic area therefore making you go more in the bathroom. This is mainly because of the increased pressure on the urinary bladder.

2. The uterus cervix starts opening and you will feel that you are ready to deliver in minutes.

3. Heavy baby bump and sleeplessness can make you tired.

4. Brown or pink discharge from the vagina is possible. Even few blood spots can be seen.

5. Tension is an obvious symptom in the ninth month of pregnancy. You will feel irritated due to mood swings and body pain can frustrate you more.

6. The uterus becomes more heavy as the baby comes down.

7. Hold your legs in horizontal position as often as possible to avoid swelling and leg pain.

8. Skin irritation will increase so, wear lose cotton clothes.

These are few symptoms observed in the ninth month of pregnancy.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 16:18 [IST]
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