Tips To Cure Vaginal Itching During Pregnancy

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Cure Vaginal Itching Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the woman goes through several physical changes. Vaginal itching is a common problem faced during pregnancy. The vaginal discharge is more during this stage as the pH level in the vagina is very high which can lead to formation of fungus. The pH imbalance can lead to vaginal itching or pain during pregnancy. This vaginal discharge causes odour or infections in the vagina. Vaginal or yeast infections are common health problems of a pregnant woman. Take a look at the ways to cure vaginal itching during pregnancy.

1. It is best to keep the vagina clean. Don't leave the vaginal discharge for a longer time as it can form fungus. Change garments twice or thrice a day when the vaginal odour is very strong.

2. Vaginal itching can also cause due to intercourse. If the itching starts few minutes after an intercourse, wash the vagina before and after an intercourse to prevent infections.

3. Urinating frequently can cure vaginal itching. Have plenty of water and fluids to flush out toxins from the system. By urinating, the fungus is also flushed out from the vagina.

4. Baking soda helps cure vaginal itching during pregnancy. Baking soda decreases the pH level in the vagina. Mix little baking soda in water and wash the vagina with this solution.

5. Rub the vagina with ice. It gives soothing effect and also reduces the vaginal itching.

6. Take a vaginal pH test. The kit is available in pharmaceutical stores. If the pH is very acidic consult your doctor.

7. If the vagina or vaginal tract burns after urinating, consult your doctor as it can be bladder or urinary tract infection.

8. Some women believe that the male semen after an intercourse cures vaginal itching during pregnancy.

Try these tips to cure vaginal itching during pregnancy. Maintain genital hygiene to prevent vaginal infections. Always wash from up to down after bowel movements to avoid the bacteria from entering the vagina. Also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 12:20 [IST]
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