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6 Signs In Kids That Tell Us That Discipline Is Alien To Them

When it comes to children, parents ensure that they get the best environment and proper upbringing to grow as a person. It is them to an extent who is responsible for embedding good qualities in their children. They are always on their toes to make sure their children are learning positive things and behaving in a well-mannered way. There would be hardly any parent who would not want his or her children to respect people and behave in a civilised way.

Still, you will find that for some children discipline is an alien concept and being mischievous is the only thing that they look forward to. Some of these children are being warned by their parents to stop being unruly in public And also at times you will find kids are poorly groomed when it comes to etiquette and behaviour. Everything cannot be blamed on kids, and therefore, you will also find some parents doing nothing to discipline their kids. For that reason, they may not know how to discipline their kids.

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But how do you know if a parent is unable to discipline his or her kids? Well, we have mentioned a few undisciplined behaviours of kids that will tell if their parents don't know how to groom them.


1. Uncontrollable Cries

There are instances where you will find children crying their eyes out the moment their parents get engaged in some important work. Even if the parents assure that they will be with them after a few minutes, these kids won't stop crying and after a time they will become uncontrollable. Even if you try to pacify them, these kids won't stop unless their parents don't return.
Though it is natural for kids to feel anxious the moment their parents are out of the sight, crying their eyes out while parents are just a few meters away is a sign that these kids weren't disciplines in a better way.


2. Shouting Unnecessarily At All Times

Some children are loud by default and parents are unable to do anything. At times, you may see kids shouting for everything. These kids will shout to convince you for doing what they want to do. If you ask these kids to quit playing and sit for studying, they may show their disagreement by shouting and being aggressive. It is important for parents to not listen to whims and fancies of their kids always and teach their kids to be reasonable.


3. Breaking And Losing Things Every Now And Then

There is no denying that kids are quite curious about everything around them and therefore, in order to satisfy their curiosity they tend to break things accidentally. This is normal and happens in almost every household.

But if you get to know a kid who is always into breaking things and losing it, then this is a sign that the parents are unable to discipline them.

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4. Not Paying Any Heed To What Elders Say

There must have been times when you denied doing what your parents asked but that was not a regular habit of yours. However, there are kids who develop this habit of ignoring whatever their parents say. For that reason, these kids do what they feel is good and right according to them.

For example, if you stop these kids from watching television for a long time or jumping on the sofa, the kids won't accede to it and will continue doing what they have been doing. In fact, they will think watching television for as long as they wish is a good thing as it is entertaining. We really don't know who to blame but maybe their parents never told that neglecting what elders say is a bad habit.


5. Throwing Tantrums Every Time

You will find these kids mostly at supermarkets, malls, movie theatres and parks. These kids will throw tantrums all the time. They will go on crying for some expensive toys or clothes. No matter how hard their parents try to catch hold of them, these kids won't give up easily and will continue asking to buy something which is not only beyond the budget of their parents but is also inappropriate for them.

These kids will also throw tantrums while eating. These kids will eat peacefully only if their parents promise to bring them toys, clothes or chocolates and that can be exhausting for parents too.


6. Showing Attitude To Elders And Guests

If you see a kid who has an attitude that is quite negative and arrogant without any reason then it could be a sign that the kid's parents didn't discipline him or her. For example, the kid won't reply to you in a proper way and would pretend to be someone who is quite rich or is has some high standards.

This can be because his or her parents didn't teach the kid to behave in a polite and well-mannered person.

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Children are quite innocent and are unable to distinguish between good and bad and it is the responsibility of parents and adults to guide them so that they instil discipline in their lives.