Is It Safe To Use Baby Walker For Kids?

With the most blessed gift in our life, we surely want to do the best for our children. In spite of speculations from various people, including friends and relatives, we tend to sometimes believe in our instinct when deciding something for our children. Kids, especially infants, who are unable to communicate their feelings, need the utmost care and concern from the parents. Be it something as simple as choosing what they wear to something as serious as having to choose a baby gear, which if not safe could result in health hazards for the little one, as a parent, you need to be always careful.

Keeping an infant safe is a parent's most prime responsibility which no parent wants to compromise on. So, now that your baby is reaching all his or her milestones on time, and you realize that it's time your baby should start walking, what do you do to promote and encourage them to walk? Since years, we have observed the use of baby walkers, maybe you too would have used one during your infant days, only difference being the make and brand, which has turned out to be quite sophisticated these days. So, in spite of all the sophistication and high-end thoughts put behind the construction of a baby walker, the question that haunts most of the present day parents is whether using a walker would actually be safe for their baby in the long run.

Is it safe to use baby walker for kids

What are baby walkers?

Walkers are a form of baby gear that has wheeled frames along with a suspended seat, sometimes with a belt around to keep the baby in place, that lets the infant attempt walking around using their feet.

Are baby walkers safe?

Going by what safety experts say, usage of baby walkers is a big "NO". It is one of the leading baby gears that have resulted in several health and safety hazard related issues in kids. Researchers strongly discourage the use of baby walkers. Baby walkers are something that tends to drag a baby to walk, although they are not yet completely ready to do so (when they are, they will surely stand up and surprise you by walking on their own).

As the baby doesn't have complete control over his or her footsteps, when in the walker, the chances of them running into a dangerous object are extremely high. You might have heard instances where babies in a walker have grabbed a hot cup of coffee from the dining area, leading to severe burns, or have rolled into heaters or pools. Babies in a walker might fall down a flight of stairs, breaking their bones or acquiring physical injuries.

Going by research data, walkers cannot be associated with boosting the child's development in any manner. It is only a dangerous object to use as a baby walking device. However, there are walkers that are designed in a manner where a child can hold onto it from behind and push it while walking, this a child will be able to do when he or she is able to stand on his or her feet and is actually ready to walk. If you insist on using a walker, use a push-along walker that will not hinder your child's development. However, make sure that an adult is always around keeping an eye on your child no matter what form of baby gear is being used.

A child's development

If you are keen on involving your child in exploring things and playing around, rather than using a baby walker, choose a stationary play mat or play centre that will keep your baby engaged as well as safe. An activity centre, a stationary rocker or a bouncy seat are other gears that can keep your child entertained while also keeping them safe within the play area.

As a parent, your utmost duty is to keep your baby safe. So, it is best advised that you stop yourself from purchasing a baby walker, irrespective of how sophisticated or high-end it is. Let the baby reach his or her milestone of walking when he or she is ready. Do not try to force them into walking with the use of such baby gears. They will be little kids only for a little time, let them be and let them grow and develop at their own pace. This will ensure a happy and healthy baby and peaceful parenting for you too.

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    Story first published: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 14:00 [IST]
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