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Food Combinations That Are Dangerous For Kids

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Man is an omnivorous being. From plants to animals, there is nothing that we cannot eat. If we take a look at human evolution, we will see that initially our forefathers were all hunter gatherers. The primary source of food back then was that of other animals that they must have preyed.

Over time, man started to settle in one place and that is when man took to cultivation. That is when things like rice and vegetables became the staple food. The choice of staple food was mainly dependent on the availability of the same.

Over the ages, we have reached a point wherein we eat almost everything. Other than the plants and animals that are available to us in nature, there are a number of processed food items whose synthesis is possible artificially (all thanks to the advancement of science and technology).

However, it is important for us to realize that not all things that we eat are suitable to be consumed with everything else. This is all the way truer in the case of kids, because their digestive system is weaker than that of our own. This article talks about such food combinations that are dangerous for kids.

Here is the list of Dangerous Food Combinations

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  • Cereal And Juice
  • Burger And Fries
  • Pizza And Soda
  • Banana And Milk
  • White Bread And Jelly
  • Tomatoes And Pasta
  • Fruits And Yogurt
  • Meat And Potatoes

1. Cereal And Juice

As parents, we would want our children to be fresh and energetic through the day. Since it is not possible for us to monitor their diet throughout the day (considering the fact that they spend a major chunk of their waking hours in school), we try to stuff in all the nutrients in the first meal of the day itself.

It is with that objective that we make them consume cereals and juice as breakfast. However, this is a bad idea since the citrus juices bring down the activity of the enzymes that are needed to break down the carbohydrates present in cereals.

Thus, if you give this combination to your child, not only will he be deprived of the nutritional value of the things that he or she consumes but in the long run the accumulated unbroken carbohydrates will prove to be dangerous for him.

2. Burger And Fries

This is one of the most favourite food combinations for most kids and that is why most fast food chains serve this as a combination. Here, both the burger patty and the French fries are deep fried. What this will do is lower the blood sugar level of an individual.

A healthy adult may be able to tackle the same, but that is not the case of small children. Hence, it is advisable that you do not give both of these to your little one at the same time.

3. Pizza And Soda

This is another tasty food combination that kids adore. However, it is equally harmful for them. This is because pizza is loaded with carbohydrates and the combined effect of all that starch and protein is that a major proportion of the body's energy is consumed in the process of digesting the same.

The consumption of a fizzy drink at such moments will only make matters worse. It will make your little one bloated and is extremely dangerous for him or her.

4. Banana And Milk

Both banana and milk are loaded with nutrients and are very healthy for kids. However, you must ensure that your child does not consume these simultaneously. This is a very heavy combination and will make him or her sleepy.

In some extreme cases, it may even lead to weakening of the mental abilities of a child. Thus, for the active growth and development of your child, it is best if you keep them away from this dangerous combination.

5. White Bread And Jelly

This breakfast option is highly unadvisable for kids because of the excessive high carbohydrate content in it. Due to the sudden spike in the blood sugar levels, your child's body will have to work extra hard to produce the required amount of insulin. In case it fails in the same, it will result in a blood sugar imbalance and that may trigger diabetes.

Another dangerous effect of this food combination is the fact that once the sudden spike of sugar gets subdued, your child will suddenly feel hungry. This will leave them cranky, irritable and unable to focus on the tasks at hand. Since that is definitely not something that we would want, it is advisable that you do not give this combination of food items to your little one.

6. Tomatoes And Pasta

The presence of tomato in pasta is pretty common. While this will not do much harm to your body, the same cannot be said in the case of your little one. Tomatoes are a hindrance to the digestion of starch (that is present in abundance in pasta) because of their acidic nature. A normal adult's stomach produces enzymes in sufficient quantities to tackle the same.

However, in case of a child, since the production of enzymes is not that high, this combination of foods will result in bloating, gastric and other health issues.

7. Fruits And Yogurt

This is another classic example of two healthy foods coming together to make a combination that is dangerous for kids. The toxins that this combination produces changes the overall intestinal flora in children under 10 years of age.

It causes sinus congestion, cough and cold and may even result in allergies in some rare cases. Thus, it is advisable that you space the consumption of fruits and that of yogurt by at least an hour in the case of your kids.

8. Meat And Potatoes

In the Indian context, this is a very common combination as most meat preparations are deemed incomplete without the role of potatoes. However, understand that this food combination does not have any fibre in it.

Fibre in food is what aids the process of digestion. Thus, if you are giving your child meat and potatoes at the same time, it is bound to affect their digestion and make them prone to suffer from illnesses.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 11:30 [IST]
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