Why Parents Shouldn't Use Mobiles While Eating With Kids

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A new study says that parents who use mobile phones even while eating food with kids may make their kids unhappy (or may develop strained relationships with their kids).

Don't Use Mobiles While Dining With Kids

This study which studied the relationship between today's parents and kids claims that kids of parents (who keep using their phones during all activities like eating, driving and even playing) may not be happy with their parents.

Don't Use Mobiles While Dining With Kids2

Of course, even during the previous few decades when television, video games and radio first came into the domestic picture, there was a slight disturbance in the quality of human relationships.

Don't Use Mobiles While Dining With Kids3

The reason for this could be reduction in the quality of time spent by family members for each other. Of course, when you are busy watching TV, you might not be able to spend much time with your spouse, right?

Don't Use Mobiles While Dining With Kids4

Also, after Internet got into the picture, the gap between human beings increased a bit, say researchers. This is true especially for parents and kids. As the latest technology and gadgets have become an inevitable part of human life, parents today have to struggle a bit more to establish strong bonds with their children.

Don't Use Mobiles While Dining With Kids5

The whole thing boils down to spending time with loved ones and strengthening the bond. Researchers studied nearly 300 parents and their bonds with their children and understood that the gap is increasing due to technology and especially the smart phone.

Don't Use Mobiles While Dining With Kids6

More than 90% of the kids who attended the study said that they would love to have more of their parents' attention. Yes, kids hate to see their parents spending all their time on laptops and smart phones.

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Story first published: Monday, March 14, 2016, 10:33 [IST]
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