Why Over Critical Parenting Is Bad

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Over critical parenting can affect the mental health of the kid. Also, the child's relationship with the parents may suffer. Such kids may gradually lose interest in their academics as they think that parents will never get satisfied even after putting in lots of efforts.

Why Over Critical Parenting Is Bad2

Some children may even hate to stay in the company of parents and would prefer to spend most of the time outdoors only to avoid being with parents.

Why Over Critical Parenting Is Bad4

If you are never satisfied with anything that your kid does, there is something wrong with you; not with your kids. As nobody is perfect on this planet, it is better to accept the imperfections of your child and deal with them differently instead of being over critical.

What Over Critical Parenting Does

Why Over Critical Parenting Is Bad3

Causes Anxiety
Children of critical parents develop anxiety and constantly live in the fear of rejection. They worry too much about how the parents would react to the things they do every moment.

Why Over Critical Parenting Is Bad5

Causes Inferiority Complex
A kid needs inspiration and encouragement to develop positive attitude and self esteem. Critical parenting would just breed inferiority complex in the child.

Why Over Critical Parenting Is Bad

May Make The Kid Aggressive
Some kids gradually turn their resentment into aggression and turn into bullies to vent out the anger that they have towards their parents. So, parents need to go slow when it comes to criticising their kids.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 11:17 [IST]
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