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Why Kids Miss Pets

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Even adults love pets and tend to miss them when they bid good bye to the world. And when it comes to kids, they are more attached to pets. It goes without saying that kids tend to think that everything in the world is permanent.

Why Kids Miss Pets

But when a pet dies, it would surely be painful. Kids can't digest the fact easily. But still, it doesn't mean they go into depression if you teach them how to handle the situation.

Why Kids Miss Pets2

In fact it is healthy to allow your kids interact with pets during childhood so that they would remember their childhood as a sweet memory.

Why Kids Miss Pets3

Pets tend to show unconditional love. Kids want love and when parents are too busy at least pets will shower lots of affection on them.

Why Kids Miss Pets4

Pets give company; kids will never feel lonely when pets are around. In fact, this is healthy for their growth and development.

Why Kids Miss Pets5

Pets are the best companions. As pets tend to give lots of attention and play around with kids, the companionship develops a lot.

Why Kids Miss Pets6

Kids love to be engaged. Pets tend to engage kids and entertain them with their play. Kids love to while away as much time as possible with pets.

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Story first published: Friday, April 15, 2016, 6:20 [IST]
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