Why Having Only One Kid Is Better

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A new study reveals that having only one or two kids is a lot better than having 3 or more than three kids. Well, there are some strong reasons for this.

Firstly, statistics claim that the life expectancy tends to be more. Are you wondering how? Well, in smaller families, children don't need to compete with siblings or anybody for resources or attention.

Why Having Only One Kid Is Better

Also, when you have only one kid, you can manage to give all your resources and better medical facilities to your kid; you will be able to offer expensive education too.

Why Having Only One Kid Is Better1

If you have more than one kid then your resources need to be shared among them and this may cause several problems. Even if you are rich enough to take care of 10 children, you may not be able to offer your time or attention to all of those kids.

Why Having Only One Kid Is Better2

In fact, most of the family planning programs have the same insight and that is why they would encourage having only one kid. When kids compete with each other for resources, nutrients or love, there could be several conflicts, and unhealthy effects.

Why Having Only One Kid Is Better3

Also when parents are able to give all their time and attention to kids effortlessly, the future of the kid tends to be healthy and bright. In fact, all the developed nations have already certain policies and programs in place to educate all families about having fewer children and attempting responsible parenting.

Why Having Only One Kid Is Better4

Managing small numbers would always be easier than managing big numbers. So, when you are planning for a baby, it is very important to ask yourself about how much time and energy you can really offer to your future ray of hope so that you can offer a good citizen to the world through your parenting skills.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 30, 2016, 13:00 [IST]
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