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What Does Fetal Alcohol Exposure Do?

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We all know about a lot of negative effects if one consumes alcohol while pregnant. Now, a new study claims that there is another negative effect. The child who is born to a mother who consumes alcohol during pregnancy may suffer insomnia or face difficulty falling asleep.

What Does Fetal Alcohol Exposure Do1

The sleep quality of such children may get affected even after they grow up into adults. And other minor problems they may face are mood related issues and poor learning capacity.

What Does Fetal Alcohol Exposure Do2

The study also suggests treatment for people who suffer fetal-alcohol spectrum disorder. This disorder is often associated with poor memory and mood issues.

What Does Fetal Alcohol Exposure Do3

The root cause of this problem seems to be the brains' inability to properly regulate sleep patterns in those who have been exposed to liquor when they were in womb.

What Does Fetal Alcohol Exposure Do4

This study gives pregnant women one more genuine reason to stay away from alcohol at least until delivery. The problem with some habits is that they affect another generation when parents ignore care during pregnancy.

What Does Fetal Alcohol Exposure Do5

Health experts suggest quitting both smoking and drinking while pregnant as every new study is opening our eyes to new issues which were not known previously.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 4:01 [IST]
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