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What Breaks A Child's Self-esteem

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You will come across many parenting advices that will talk about boosting the self-confidence of your child. Are you still not finding any improvement in your child’s self-esteem?

Then, the main reason behind this can be some of the matters that may be restricting the child from being confident.

Making your child confident is a process that needs full dedication and effort from the side of parents.

Finding and correcting the factors that can affect the confidence of a child should be the first step of improving his/her confidence.

This can be anything from the family itself or from the friends, relatives or even teachers.

Since children spend most of their time with the family; mostly, you will be blamed as a culprit for breaking your child’s self-esteem unknowingly.

Here, we will discuss about what breaks a child's self-esteem in general, and how you unknowingly may have broken your child's self-esteem.

Understanding this can definitely help you influence the personality of your child in a much more positive way.


Yelling On Mistakes

It is natural that children make mistake. Yelling or shouting at them, especially in front of others, can definitely affect their self-confidence.

If you feel that you need to correct them, call them and have a personal chat and make them realise their mistake in a soft tone.



Never compare your children with that of the others. Understand that each child is unique in his/her own way and never try to force your child to be like any other child. This is a common way how you unknowingly break your child's self-esteem.



If you are supporting your children too much by doing everything for them, this can also in a way affect their self-esteem.

This will make them feel that they are not efficient enough to do anything alone. Being overcaring is a bad parenting practice that can spoil your children.


Insulting Publically

No matter what the reason is, insulting your children in public will force them to be an introvert. This will keep them from being active and social with others around them.

Make sure that you are conveying your concerns to your child privately without hurting his/her feelings.


Lack Of Appreciation

Children love being praised and appreciated. When they feel that they are not getting any encouragement even from their parents, this can affect their self-esteem.

Hence, never forget to appreciate your child, no matter how small the achievement is.


Competitive Parenting

There are many parents who want their children to perform better than that of their friend's or relative's children. This is called competitive parenting, and this is one of the most important ways how you unknowingly break your child's self-esteem.

By doing this, you're forcing your child just to fulfill your expectations.


Too Much Discipline

Disciplining your child is important. However, when you are doing this without any planning or directions, it can give you only a negative effect.

Disciplining your child too much can definitely affect your child's self-confidence.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 14:48 [IST]
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