The Problem With Rich Kids

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When parents are rich, they can afford to pamper their kids. When kids are pampered beyond an extent, then they may hate to be disciplined. There is nothing wrong in pampering kids but when kids are given too many comforts, they may not realise that life has its own ups and downs.

As long a kids are under the protection of parents, nothing could go wrong. But once the kid grows up and starts facing the real world outside, then problems may start cropping up.

The Problem With Rich Kids

Some kids may soon realise that the world is not a playground to play till the end. They may gradually change their behaviour and attitude but some kids may find it difficult to digest the harsh reality.

This is why parents need to convey their kids about how the world operates and how one should be. Too many pleasures may dull the mind of the kid and this could also make them stubborn if parents don't take certain precautions.

The Problem With Rich Kids1

The Problem With Rich Kids

They May Turn Into Spoilt Brats
Generally, most of the rich kids turn into spoilt brats during their teenage. They may start bullying others around and may also hate their studies or hard work.

The Problem With Rich Kids4

They May Display Rude Behaviour
Being rude comes very easy to any spoilt brat as pampering may make them defensive and resistant. They may hate to give others respect or space.

The Problem With Rich Kids3

They Think That The World Owes Them Everything
when parents offer too much to their kids, it is quite natural for kids to think that they can get anything they want and they can get away doing anything in this world.

The Problem With Rich Kids2

They May Turn Lazy
It is quite natural for any of us to turn lazy when there is no need to work hard. This is one reason why rich kids generally turn lazy barring a few exceptions.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 16:46 [IST]
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