How Snoring Affects Children

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If your kid has the habit of snoring then it may affect his or her focus and learning capacities, says a new research. Yes, snoring in children must be taken seriously according to researchers.

How Snoring Affects Children1

Most of us snore occasionally which is known as periodic snoring. That is common but when snoring occurs daily, it is known as persistent snoring and that is a serious problem.

How Snoring Affects Children2

Sleep apnea could spoil the quality of a person's sleep. This could indirectly affect many other aspects like focus of the person during the day. Also fatigue, inability to concentrate, bedwetting and slow growth may occur in children who snore as a side effect of poor quality of sleep.

How Snoring Affects Children3

So, snoring in children could affect the overall quality of life and this is true especially if the kid is suffering from sleep apnea. Most of the parents are not yet aware of this risk and this is why they never consider snoring of their kids seriously.

How Snoring Affects Children4

Researchers say that snoring can be cured by modern medical methods. But currently, estimates say that only a small percentage of children are being brought for medical help whereas most of the other cases are going unnoticed.

How Snoring Affects Children5

As snoring can affect the quality of life of kids, researchers recommend medical help and parents might need to take a call on this.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 3, 2016, 9:01 [IST]
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